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in the media:

1/8/2017: TTM creator/curator Mike Ransom interviewed for Explore Tulsa. Watch on this YouTube video from the TTM Channel.

8/26/2014, 10/7-8/2014: The webmaster was interviewed by Janna Clark of FOX23 about the poor condition of the pond in James C. Leake Park. 2:08 on the TTM YouTube Channel. Also discussed in Webmaster Blog post, Windows Media Server & Raspberry Pi.

10/19/2013: RSUTV offered a "UHF" locations tour, hosted by Emily Elliott of KTUL and the TTM webmaster. She and husband Gary created a great 6:11 video of it, watch on her YouTube Channel.

10/5/2013: Did an onscreen bit about the camera supplied by Chris Sloan to the RSUTV "UHF" telethon last Saturday (it was in the movie!). 1:40 on the TTM YouTube Channel.

9/20/2013: Sam Jones interviewed Jennifer Sterling and me about Weird Al's upcoming "UHF" visits to Tulsa on RSUTV's half-hour show, "Green Country Perspectives with Sam Jones". Watch on RSUTV's Vimeo.

1/2012: TTM is cited as "one of the earliest and largest Web-based local television tribute sites", with quotes from contributors Marc Hall and Rodney Echohawk in this academic paper:

"Magic Windows and the Serious Life: Rituals and Community in Early American Local Television", by Phillip J. Hutchison in the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media.

How to read or save the paper if you have a Tulsa library card:
  • Go to the Tulsa library's database
  • Sign in with your library card.
  • Search for "Magic Windows"
  • Click on "PDF Full Text" to read the article or save it.

1/2011: Wrote an article about the origin of TTM for This Land.

1/15/2010: Appeared on KTUL-TV's "Good Day Tulsa" with Keith Taylor, talking about the new Mazeppa DVD. 4 minute YouTube in GroupBlog 307.

10/16/2009: Sam Jones did a half-hour interview with me on KRSC-TV's "Green Country Perspectives with Sam Jones". YouTube in GroupBlog 302.

1/7/2008: I was the "phone-a-friend" on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" 2 minute YouTube in GroupBlog 252.

2/10/2007: David Crow interviewed me on OETA's "Tulsa Times". 8 minute YouTube in GroupBlog 231.

1/19/2006: #48 on Urban Tulsa Weekly's "Hot 100 List".

12/25/2003: Guested on David Bagsby's "Outhouses of the Holy" CD, singing the Cain's Coffee ballad (MP3).

12/2002: "Blast From The Past" by Mark Roe in Outline Magazine.

7/17/2002: Article in the Tulsa World by Tim Stanley: "Living On".

6/3/2002: TTM was the Yahoo! Pick of the Day.

8/3/2000: Appeared on KOTV's "Six in the Morning" with LeAnne Taylor and Rick Wells.

7/16/2000: Article by John Wooley in the Tulsa World: "On the Web: 'Memories' of Mazeppa".

8/29/1999: TTM as inspiration for a music CD: "A Bagsby Symphony?" by John Wooley of the Tulsa World.

7/7/1999: "Remembering long-lost shows from Tulsa TV's golden days" was a segment of Jack Frank's "Oklahoma Memories" program on KJRH. It included footage of Gailard Sartain, Gary Busey, Lee & Lionel, Mr. Zing and Tuffy, Betty Boyd, and new interviews with Billy Hargis II and Mike Ransom (your webmaster).

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"The Stewardesses" X-rated 3D movie
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Internet Movie Database:

Gailard Sartain (Mazeppa)   "The Joe Pyne Show"   Gary Busey (Teddy Jack Eddy)
Weird Al's "UHF" George "Spanky" McFarland "The Outsiders"
Carl Bartholomew (Uncle Zeb) "Cole Justice" (Zeb's movie) Al Clauser (Uncle Zeke)
"Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm" Lee Gideon (Modell Phipps) Jeanne Tripplehorn
Mike Denney Paul Harvey Tony Randall
Josef Peter Hardt (Peter Hardt) Jim Hartz Mary Stuart Houchins
Sasha Foo Beef Baloney Greg Corarito
Geoffrey Holder (Uncola man) Clayton Moore Morgan Woodward (Lee's bro)
"The Groove Tube" Michael Parks "Then Came Bronson"
"Married... with Children" John Doremus * Gary Chew's Reviews
Richard Kiel on "Thriller" Kiel on "The Twilight Zone" * webmaster's reviews
Dale Pelton
* Featured in IMDb's
External Reviews section
for each film reviewed.

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