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1965 Tulsa TV schedule

Fantastic Theater is in good form on this date.

What was the "Dan Smoot Report"?
(11/28/2003: Here is a book by Dan Smoot,
Invisible Government
, which answers the question.)

1965 Tulsa TV schedule

12/1/2003: Re the the Longhorn Wingding on this schedule, check out the Horn Bros., John F. Lawhon and other Tulsa furniture advertisers page.

(from Guestbook 108) Mitch Schauer of L.A. said:

Does anyone recall KTUL's "Beyond Control Theater?" I believe it ran during the mid 60's and was 8's answer to 2's "Fantastic Theater."

The opening was a camera's POV as it dollied through the gate of a rickety picket fence (sound efx included shuffling feet), climbed the front porch steps of a dilapidated old house and entered the front door. Inside, a disembodied head (appearing underlit by a flashlight) introduced the featured horror film. I remember one of the films being "The Brain That Wouldn't Die."

I don't recall BCT remaining on the schedule for more than a year, but for a kid sitting in the dark and watching a small b/w TV, the show had a very creepy opening.

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