Tulsa TV Memories: Prologue      

360° Java Panorama of the Eyewitness News 6 set.

360° Java panorama of the Eyewitness News 6 set and sticker, courtesy of Chris Sloan

The Late Show

Point left "The Late Show" theme (courtesy of  Joe Riddle and Wayne McCombs.) This late 60s promo flashed vaudeville-type cards and old-fashioned symbols in rapid succession to illustrate the lyrics.

The Uncanny Film Festival and Camp Meeting

Lee Woodward and King Lionel

1967 TU master's thesis: KOTV history

Jim Hartz: from "Sun Up" to "The Today Show"

Shock Theatre

Lee and Lionel

Lewis Meyer Bookshelf

1978 in review

Mack Creager: In Memoriam

Remembering Buddy Allison

Rocky Stegman

The 1997 KOTV Reunion - Lee Woodward's pix

The KOTV 50th Anniversary Reunion, 1999

The webmaster's appearance on
"Six in the Morning", 8/3/2000

Mike Flynn, Gary Chew, Lee Woodward and
Gailard Sartain at Houligan's, 12/2002

Mike Miller's autobio: How High Can A Guy Stoop?

Review by Gary Chew of Larry Thomlinson's book:
Life, Death and other Dysfunctions.

One stormy
evening with


Newscast of June 28, 1977
(courtesy of John Hillis)

"Moose" Pitcock Bill Pitcock ("The Moose") opens the newscast.

Clayton previews the upcoming stories... Clayton Vaughn previews tonight's stories

Bob Duff Bob Duff updates the breaking Locust Grove Girl Scout murder story.

A very youthful Bob Losure covers a story about Delta Airlines opening a new route to Florida for vacationers. Bob Losure

Ken Broo, Clayton Vaughn and Bill Pitcock pause to relax before Lee's weathercast. News 4 shot

Lee Woody just took a ribbing about his glasses, which he said he only needed to read.

The uncluttered
Color Radar
display shows
the storm front
coming down
the 'pike.
Color Radar

(From Guestbook 35) John Hillis said:

KOTV's SpectraScan 6, which went in up at the tower in '77, was the first color radar in town. It was memorable in that it did not have a visible sweep arm, but people (or maybe it was station brass) wouldn't accept the radar without the sweep hand, so Chan Allen arranged to get an ersatz sweep built in. We must have left it up a lot, because I remember Fred, our kitten, would sit patiently through the news waiting for Woody to come on, so he could bat his paw at the radar sweep.

Ken Broo emphasizes that we might not have the Drillers much longer if attendance doesn't pick up. This was before the new Driller Park was built (first known as Sutton Stadium, I believe) Ken Broo

Bixby Green Corn And finally, some good news: there will be enough corn from Bixby to keep Tulsans grinning from ear to ear all summer (that joke wasn't Rex' fault...but it could have been!)

And now this message...

Don Wasson "I'm Don Wasson with
our biggest sales party
of the year when we
liquidate to the bare walls
all Curtis Mathes color
TV's, home
entertainment centers,
and TV recorders."

Curtis Mathes

"I'd rather give you the
money than pay the tax,
but you have to buy
now to beat the tax!"

Wasson's at 51st & Lewis

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