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Zeta on Satellite Six

 Zeta, on Satellite Six
  (plus Uncle Hiram)

Spanky's Clubhouse

 Romper Room in Tulsa

Channel 8's Captain Ben

New! Clutch Cargo on the Bozo Show

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Bob Latting and the Kids KarnivalThe Kids Karnival
with Bob Latting

pre-1955 on KOTV

(via email 11/12/2002) Joe Johnston said:

There was a locally-produced 1950's kids show, Channel 6, I think, and the host was Bob Latting. I remember him being slight and bald, and I don't recall his clothes at all. The format escapes me, but there were kids on the show, some games and such. When I was on the show, I was probably the only kid in history who threw the darts and missed all the balloons. How embarrassing. I played music with the host's son Mitch, an amazing trumpet player at the age of about 12. They moved to California, because he got a job playing with Maynard Ferguson.

Bob Latting in 1951, courtesy of Chris Sloan(from Guestbook 164, 6/13/2004) Mitch Latting said:

If you look at the Kids Karnival picture......see the man located below the "Thinman" sign and just behind the cameraman's hand, you'll see my father, Bob Latting.

I was actually part of the show opening. I would dress up in a clown outfit my grandmother made. I would stand in front of the camera and say "Hey kids, it's time for Kids Karnival!"

Trumpet playing. Well, Maynard is our cousin, but I never worked with him, just idolize him still.

This was a great find on the internet. It brought back so many wonderful memories. Thank you.

Webmaster: I'm delighted you found the site, Mitch. Thanks for the contribution.

Here's a link to a CD that features Mitch, Central Coast Jazz Quartet - At Home.

(from Guestbook 5) Don Lundy said:

Do you remember a kids show on KOTV in the mid 50s hosted by Bob Latting, who owned the Golden Drumstick restaurant, formerly on the NE corner of 11th and (Yale)?

He handed out silver dollars to kids who answered a question. I still have one I got on the show when I went as part of some kid's birthday party.

The Golden DrumstickRunners-up got a dinner at the Golden Drumstick, which speaks a lot of chicken prices in the mid 50s.

(from Guestbook 31 and via email) Bill Stemmons said:

Latting hosted kids shows on KOTV channel six back when we didn't yet even know what the channel tuner was for! I was actually in his local version of a "Peanut Gallery" audience a few times, and ate at the Golden Drumstick once or twice with my parents. We jokingly called it the "Broken Drumstick," but it really was good fried chicken.

No tickets or passes - We'd just go down there on Saturday morning when we felt like it! He was great with kids!

Here's a later and larger shot of the Golden Drumstick, and a menu.

The Golden Drumstick became the Middle Path in the 70s, a "hippie" vegetarian restaurant.

It began as the Casa Del Club, which explains the architecture. Here's a commemorative photo and sleeve from the Casa Del in December of 1946.

(from GroupBlog 342, 1/4/2016, and via email) Phil Lassiter said:

Carter and Phil

Carter & Phil, ca. 1951 (Click to enlarge)

Tulsa guitar teacher Dick Gordon Sr. got us a spot on the KOTV Kids Karnival Show on Saturdays, as I remember. We were Dick's students, Carter Brown and Phil Lassiter of Tulsa. About age twelve. We were dressed in country and western clothes, Carter sang and played acoustic guitar and I played electric steel guitar.

All I remember was the fact that the studio lights were very bright and hot. The peanut gallery cheered us.

I don't think we screwed up, because Dick Gordon Sr. was a very hands-on teacher and would not have let us out of the box if we weren't ready.

As a side note, Carter Brown's daddy was Tulsa County Sheriff Glenn Brown in the mid 1950s.

I am still very into my guitar playing, now just a regular 6 string electric Fender Stratocaster. Carter and I played probably five "jobs" that Dick Gordon Sr. got for us. I never played professionally and I haven't heard from Carter in a long time so I don't know what he did with his musical start that Dick gave him.

I have a "promotional" black and white photograph of Carter and I dressed in our performance western clothes, if anyone wants to run the photograph.

We do!

(from GroupBlog 239) Ronald Radford, Flamenco Guitarist, said:

During my March 31, 2007 Flamenco Guitar Concert at the Tulsa PAC, I mentioned from the stage that my first public performance was around 1952 at 8 years old on the Bob Latting kids show on KOTV playing my ukelele and singing "My Little Grass Shack in Kealikakua Hawaii"! This was 55 years ago and since then I have developed an international career as "The American Master of the Flamenco Guitar"...see RonaldRadford.com.

Our family got to know Bob Latting by eating often at his "Golden Drumstick" restaurant. When he found out about my talent, he invited me to be on his show. Bob's encouragement of my talent was part of my early influences in Tulsa.

(from Guestbook 165) The webmaster said:

I found an excellent first-person account of Tulsa in the last century linked from BatesLine.com. There were references to a Billy Latting on these two pages of the story: The Good Years and WWII.

I sent them on to Mitch Latting, who replied:

I do believe the Billy Latting and Mrs. Latting mentioned in the articles are both my Aunt Alma and Bill Latting Jr. If my memory serves me well, Uncle Bill, Aunt Alma, Bill Jr. and Rosemary lived on Darlington (sounds like what's being called the "White City" addition.)

Uncle Bill Latting (my father's brother) was a lawyer in Tulsa. Uncle Bill, and a partner, actually owned the Golden Drumstick. According to my mother, the restaurant was suffering until such time as my dad (Bob Latting) was summoned by his brother Bill, to come to Tulsa from his radio show in Okla. City. I believe the Oklahoma City radio show was called "(something) at Beverly's". I'll have to check with my mom again about the correct name. Anyway, my dad had lots of radio and promotional experience in Hollywood prior to coming back to Oklahoma (my Dad did radio interviews of movie stars at the famous Hollywood Brown Derby).

Arriving in Tulsa, my mother and father took over running the Golden Drumstick. It was they who tied the Golden Drumstick into the Kids Karnival TV show, which put the name of the restaurant in every televisioned home in Tulsa and surrounding areas. Hence, the people lined up to eat at the Golden Drumstick and my father was a TV personality.

The radio show "at Beverly's" undoubtedly refers to Beverly's Pancake Corner (home of the "Big Bevburger" since 1921). It's still there; I ate there a couple of years ago. Read more and see some great photos and postcards at Doug Dawgz Blog.

Beverly's (he's a man, baby) has "possibly the only surviving 'Chicken in the Rough' neon sign", according to Route66Photographs.com, where there is a photo of the sign.

Interesting that Bob Latting stayed on the chicken track when he moved back to Tulsa.

George Reeves (Superman) with Don Marvin

The Kids Korral
with Don Marvin
(guest: George Reeves)

George Reeves as Superman

Pay attention, kids! We're selling product up here!

George Reeves' Superman logo  

Kellogg's was Superman's main sponsor George Reeves in Tulsa
Clark Kent in Tulsa.

(from Guestbook 224) Darren Marvin said:

I recently saw this web site. Noticed my father's picture on the Other kiddie shows area. I have that same picture as well as others with George Reeves. My mother was LoRene Washburn Marvin, she was Miss Oklahoma 1954, I believe.

She went to school at Tulsa U with John Chick, always talked about him, being in school plays and such. My parents met at Channel Six in the fifties, my father told me about his kids show, being announcer, salesman, whatever, meeting my mom at Channel Six.

My mother's father was Sheldon Washburn, started first Dr. Pepper bottling plant in Tulsa, north of downtown.

Thank you for paying respect to my father, also great web site.

Thanks, Darren, and it's our pleasure. Frank Morrow mentioned your mom in GB 23.

(from Guestbook 151) Dave Harmon said:

Just reading the "Other kiddie shows" page and saw the bit where George Reeves visited the Kids Korral show.

Several years ago, I remembered Reeves visiting Barnard Elementary school and the memory was so hazy that I thought it might not have happened at all. I called a Tulsa friend who was there at the time and he remembered Reeves' visit to Barnard.

I don't know but I'll bet that his visit to the schools and the show was during the same trip to Tulsa. This must have been about '51 or '52. Not sure of the year.

Anyone else remember seeing Reeves? If so, what year was that?

George Reeves' "Superman" is the first show I can remember watching (although my parents tell me I liked "Pinky Lee".)

My mom made a Superman cape for me from a bed sheet, with a red "S" sewn on. I had to be cajoled into taking it off to be washed.

Superman Vol. 1

(from GroupBlog 218) The webmaster said:

Hey kids! Watch several episodes of George Reeves' "The Adventures of Superman" online for free at Superman TV on AOL Television. Recommended episode: "Panic in the Sky".

Jack Larson and Noel Neill, this series' Jimmy and Lois, have cameo roles in the current "Superman Returns", now showing at the Admiral Twin Drive-In.

KOTV's "The Don Scott Show"

The Don Scott Show

Foreman Scotty, courtesy of Kathy Shaw

Don Scott

Is "Don Scott" Foreman Scotty of later OKC fame?

Maybe so... (courtesy of Kathy Shaw)

Don Scott in TV News, 1955
Steve Powell ("Don Scott" and "Foreman Scotty")
(courtesy of Roland Austin)

(via email, 7/10/2004) Bruce said:

Regarding the photos posted of Don Scott and whether that was Foreman Scotty in a later incarnation, I think it must have been him.

I clearly remember one time on the Foreman Scotty show when he was going around chatting with a few kids in the audience at random as he always did. A boy piped up, "I know your real name!" Scotty put the mike over and said, "What's that?" The boy answered, "Don Scott!" I don't remember Scotty's exact reply but I recall that it was some kind of affirmative, which is why the memory stuck.

If Don Scott were also a stage name, however, I'm not sure if Scotty would have taken the time to explain that since he always moved around from kid to kid in a big rush and almost never traded more than one or two remarks.

7/8/2006: I just discovered Foreman Scotty's Kids, a blog by Lisa Powell, Steve's daughter.

Here is a letter from Foreman Scotty at the Circle 4 Ranch, courtesy of Kathy Shaw.

7/14/2007: Lisa Powell says, "Of note: The sketches that Kathy sent in, and on
the Wranglers Club promo, were done by my dad!"

See and read about a token from the Circle 4 Mystery Mine.

Foreman Scotty with Greg and Lance Leslie

(from Guestbook 95) Greg Leslie and his brother Lance with
Foreman Scotty (Steve Powell).

Boyce Lancaster, Sr. as "Circus Jim" at the Tulsa State Fair, 1959

Boyce Lancaster, Sr. as "Circus Jim" at the Tulsa State Fair, 1959. Bozo can be seen several elephants back. Boyce, Sr. attached a note: "Believe it or not, I rode that elephant 6 miles! I did a lot of standing up after that." (courtesy of Boyce Lancaster Jr. and Sr.)

The Bozo Show (with Doug Montgomery as Bozo the Clown), featuring the limited animation sensation, "Clutch Cargo".

Bozo's storylines had continuity over the breaks. He might be exploring a haunted house when a hand would reach out from behind a door, just before a commercial or cartoon, sending shudders through kiddie viewers. 

Clutch Cargo page
New! Clutch Cargo Adventure Club kit and YouTube cartoon opening!

Read about The Lone Ranger's visit to the Tulsa State Fair in the 80s from readers Lowell Burch and Jim Back!

And for the big kids, Learn and Live, a Highway Patrol quiz show on Sunday morning. Two troopers sat at a table and asked traffic questions of high school students. If the answer was right, a trooper declared it a "true and correct" answer. If not, they would look concerned, check their notes, then ruefully state that it was "not a true and correct answer." Does this sound like a fun show? If so, allow me to recommend TVLand's 48 hour "Dragnet" marathon to you.

Judy Hagedorn and Jan Kizziar (or vice versa)

Or Generation Rap with twin psychologists, Judy Hagedorn and Jan Kizziar? According to Mike Bruchas, Mazeppa's "Tulsa Teen Town Topics" (or was it "Generation Pap"?) was a take-off on this show, which featured teens sitting in bean bag chairs and rapping with the twin docs.

(from Guestbook 21) former Tulsa mayor Terry Young said:

...I also was the producer of Generation Rap, the topical show done by Judy Hagedorn and Jan Kizziar. I booked all the guests. My favorite was an almost washed up Criswell (of "Criswell Predicts"). Never have seen anyone wear as much make up in my life.

(Criswell was one of the "stars" of "Plan 9 From Outer Space" by director Ed Wood)

Mentions of even more Tulsa kiddie shows!

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