Bill Hyden - 10/17/99 23:17:42

Here I am responding to my own posting. Reminds me of the time at a school pie supper that I raised my own bid!

After the comments about Marna Bryant, I did a 'think session' and recalled first that she was Marna Bryant McKinney...and had a sister named Janice Street, who was also a musician and teacher. As I recall, I met Janice one time only...and remembered that she had a son. I assaulted the Tulsa phone book and found 30 entries for Street. Glancing downward, I stopped on my first guess...a John Street, attorney... called him and Bingo! he is the right one! He has Marna's address, phone number, etc. at his office and will call me tomorrow.

An interesting thing is that when I told him I was trying to locate Marna, he said "she is playing viola with the Cincinnati Symphony." Well,after further conversation I found out that John's sister was named Marna after her Aunt Marna (Bryant McKinney).

For a brief moment it appeared I had learned of a true miracle. John has interesting recollections of the musical antics of his mother and aunt.

2/6/2005: Ms. McKinney passed away a year after Bill's note. She was remembered again yesterday in Guestbook 176. Gailard and Mary Jo Sartain sent this obituary. She was Mr. Sartain's kindergarten teacher. More from Bill in the note just below; further below, Jim Ruddle told about her relationship to Anita Bryant (not genetic) .



Marna Bryant McKinney, former KOTV music director and kindergarten teacher, died Saturday. She was 87.

McKinney reportedly started to "pick out tunes" by ear at age 3 and began piano lessons at age 5. Her talent took her on to careers in education and entertainment.

After KOTV, Channel 6, went on the air in 1949, she became the station's music director, music librarian, head of talent audi tions and accompanist for several shows.

She provided the musical background for the weekly melodrama "The Drunkard" and accompaniment for the olios at Tulsa's Spotlight Theater.

She served as music director for the Tulsa Press Club's Gridiron show for many years.

McKinney was born in Mill Creek and raised in Ada, where she graduated from East Central State Teachers College with a degree in instrumental music.

Bill Hyden - 10/17/99 21:52:46

Trying to play 'catch up' on reading TTV guestbooks. Must comment on some recent mentions.

Good to find that Lee Bayley was quick to post on here after my talking with him re: KOTV Reunion on Nov.27. I've gleaned names and locations from TTM postings...and the latest is Bruchas' bit about Gary Gunter. I clicked on the link and finally came up with a contact name & e-mail address and forwarded reunion info to Gary.

KOTV's Lisa Jones called me asking if I knew where Judy Pryor is. Needs info for the Oct. 29 hour-long special. Any help?

When I was at KVOO radio, Anita Bryant would occasionally sing there and her singing talent was obvious. I've tried to locate her re: the KOTV reunion, but an Internet check shows that the Anita Bryant Theater is now the Moe Bandy Theater and I've had not response from there. Any help?

Marna Bryant was quite a talent. She was also a Tulsa school teacher. For years she was the music director for the Tulsa Press Club Gridiron shows. We jokingly said each year that we were the Mill Creek, Oklahoma alumni reunion group. We both were born there. Marna's son-in-law was real estate developer Never Fail. Marna moved to Arizona, where she may still reside. Fail died a few years ago. Anyone know where Marna is now?

Karl Janssen was a good friend. He was quite active in the Tulsa Little Theater. He and I were the two fathers in FANTASTICKS. Despite having to cope with a 'raked', sloping stage, and a script that included music, we managed to survive. Karl was a delight!

I talked with Herb Lightman, one of the first employees of KOTV in 1949, after Jim Ruddle's advising me of his location. I hope he will attend the reunion. Thanks Jim.

I have also talked with Jim Harmon and his sister, Helen Alvarez. Jim has seemed quite interested in the reunion but I haven't received an indication as yet that either will attend.

I wasn't there at the beginning but I think it important on occasion of this 50th year that we recognize the start of the first TV station in Tulsa.

Erick - 10/17/99 05:26:28
My Email:ericktul@webtv
Location: Tulsa

Comments: Hanson really did sign. I thought it was a hoax. Good to see the boys checking in, in that case. Hope they visit again.

I was pondering something today. Occasionally on radio, a format change will occur, and it sometimes will become quickly evident that it won't work, or the station is sold, and the format is changed again. Does anyone remember any Tulsa stations that had quick format switches in a short amount of time? I can't think of any off the top of my head really, other that the KOAS 92.1 venture from jazz to soft rock which lasted just a few months.

I recalled in a recent email that KAKC was revived as a Top 40/oldies station in the early 80s, using the original sound boards and equipment from the old KAKC. But I don't think it stuck around too long. Times had changed too much, but it was good while it lasted.

From what I read, the Hansons grew up on the kind of music that KAKC used to play, thanks to their parents' CD collection.

Lowell Burch - 10/17/99 03:12:28
Location: Tulsa
Favorite Tulsa TV show: Dance Party
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: Lee Bayley

I like Hanson, too, but it was really good to see Lee Bayley's letter and picture. I was a teen when the show was on and all the local bands and kids went down to be on it. The production value was really decent for a local show.

By the way, I wish we still had Der Wienerschnitzel. Great dogs and they always took my Mazeppa Uncola card.

I don't know how many businesses will honor it, but we might be putting a blank Uncola Underground card out here for readers to print off, sign and laminate, if they wish.

Sara - 10/16/99 18:04:21
Location: Colorado
Favorite Tulsa TV show: N e Show that has HANSON on it!
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: HANSON
Stupidest local commercial: ?????????/
How did you find TTM?: A Hanson Newsletter told us about it

Hi Everyone, This is the best web site ever because hanson signed it and has been to it! I love hanson! Hanson is the best band in the whole world i hope they keep rockin forevea! Love ya, Sara p.s E-mail me everyone !

Thanks, Sara.

Erick - 10/15/99 21:00:33
Location: Tulsa

KVOO AM 1170 is classic country formatted now. They are totally different from the FM side, and only simulcast during breaking news and severe weather. Bob Cooper, longtime K95FM morning man has now joined KVOO AM in the same capacity.

Lee Bayley - 10/15/99 18:06:26
Location: Dallas
Favorite Tulsa TV show: Dance Party in the late 60s
How did you find TTM?: I was just on the phone with Mr. Hyden..

Lee Bayley I was unaware of the "memories" location and am happy to restore a link to the city. Needless to say, after doing morning drive for KAKC during the late 60s and doing "Pepsi's Dance Party" at the same time, Tulsa is one my fondest memories. I was recently interviewed (at Channel 8 in Dallas) for the upcoming KOTV 50th program and was asked if I missed the city. Let it be known...I miss the city and I miss the people. I am still indebted to Dick Schmitz for hiring me at KAKC and Steve Hope for lining me up with Pepsi. I left Tulsa in '71 for Los Angeles where I ran a company programming 300+ radio stations, then ran a company for the Disneys in Dallas, then formed my own company to consult radio stations nationwide and am still doing that. In Tulsa I helped put K107 on the air, put Magic99 on the air, and worked with KRMG when they returned to #1.

In addition to programming radio stations I do limited voice work...if you call the city of Dallas chances are it will be me talking to you if put on hold...or Nations Bank..and others. It would be nice to hear from any of you who were part of the great years in Tulsa.

Lee Bayley

Lee, it just so happens that I was getting ready to post a picture of you on the site. Great to hear from you! Thanks for filling us in on what you've been up to. We definitely need more about Dance Party here on the site.

Check out the larger picture of Lee.

Mike Bruchas - 10/15/99 17:12:24
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: Billy Parker


I didn't realize Harold Stuart and family had sold KVOO to the Journal Broadcast Group out of Milwaukee. When did this happen?

I also noticed Journal Broadcast seemed to have bought all of the old Alf Landon radio stations in Wichita.

Interest ng because they are an employed owned corporation.

Growing up in Chicago - oft times after a storm we could pick up WTMJ on a non-Chicago station channel while "TV DXing". This is the TV station in Milawukee owned by the Milwaukee Journal.

Erick - 10/15/99 16:54:42
Location: Tulsa

Dare I post a complete list of T-Town radio and TV websites? BWAHHAHAHAHA!!! Here goes:

(List edited by agreement with Erick, since it is duplicated on the link mentioned below, with the exception of:)

KVOO 98.5 -

There we go. That should do it. Don't hate me too much, webmeister Ransom. ;)

My dad has gotten on the Tulsa radio bandwagon... he visited in person with Andy O and Heather Miles at a KVOO-FM remote recently.

Mike Bruchas - 10/15/99 14:51:35

Can anyone post a list of links to Tulsey radio + tv station web-pages here?

Who else of Tulsa radio and TV fame should we be looking for - to chime in on this page?

We need to hear from Brother Ken Broo again on what he is doing...

Check the 4th link on the Links page for the list.

Yes, let's hear from Mr. Broo.

MITCH - 10/15/99 13:56:35
Location: LA
Favorite Tulsa TV show: Fantastic Theater
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: Peter Hardt

It's funny that Mike should mention the pungent odor that came from the Texaco refinery. Raised a westsider, the refinery odor was a part of my life...BUT...nothing topped the scent of the Bellaire Drive-in. It's fragrance was supplied by the waste processing plant behing the Pepsi Co. (And for the longest time, I thought it was the movies they showed.) Yet, after the Bellaire, a person could always drive out past Wonder Bread on Sheridan. UMMMMMM, fresh bread!

Mike Bruchas - 10/14/99 17:15:50

Re Mitch's message - there were several train buffs at 8 - myself included. In the 70's the yard in West Tulsa was busy but not as much since BNSF took over. I do remember being in OKC at KOCO in the 80's and seeing excellent ground/chopper chase footage of a steam locomotive trip from Muskogee by 8 after the UP bought the MoPac route thru Muslogee.

We really did more refinery watching. You could also smell them at 8.

In fact I think Bob Hower was driving home one weekend night in the 70's after covering for someone and discovered a supposedly small fire at the Texaco refinery was a major blaze and called in the troops. It WAS a major refinery fire and 8 covered it first.

Seeing downtown Tulsa during a storm from 8 was always neat. Lightning storms were magnificent!

MITCH - 10/14/99 17:00:46
Location: LA
Favorite Tulsa TV show: UFF&CM
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: G. AILARD
How did you find TTM?: EXCELLENT

Did anyone who worked at 8 ever go out and watch all the activity down below at the Frisco rail yard?

Mike Bruchas - 10/14/99 16:34:24
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: Gary Gunter

Another KOTV ex-pat from the 70's is relocated!

Gary Gunter - producer/reporter/weekend anchor is now the News Director and early evening news anchor at KRCR-TV in Chico/Redding, CA. He says howdy to all his Tulsa friends.

He worked for several years in the Johnstown/Altoona, PA market here then told me he was News Director at KPOM in Ft.Smith for a while under Duane Harm.

He works in Chico/Redding but has a house in Albuquerque - where his wife is based. So he flies home weekends. This is nothing new to Gary - when he worked in PA he lived in Johnstown and went home a much shorter commute to Pittsburgh.

Look for Gary at!

Mike Bruchas - 10/14/99 15:13:53
Location: Alexandria, VA on the Potomac (almost)
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: Keith Bretz for "the boys at McElroy's"
Stupidest local commercial: Reeves Bros. - I too forgot poor old Pappy....

Thanks for the info on Karl Janssen!

When I worked at 8 in the 70's Sadie Adwon was the biggest grossing salesperson. She had most of the AAAA accounts and though VERY quiet - she had the touch. I think us rough-talkin' techie kids may have scared her at times but she would talk to us all. It was very gratifying to see her finally be named GM of 8 for a year or 2 before she retired. She deserved it!

I think someone told us she had been a music librarian with the Tulsa Philharmonic then at KTUL radio and somehow got into sales. Her brother was a high ranking Army officer and she may have come from Lawton - there was a big Lebanese-American community there, not unlike the large Greek-American community in Tulsa.

In the days of blown-dried, spiffy-suited sharp young men selling at 8 - she was the exception.

Also there when I did my tour was Keith Bretz - who I think owned part of Winner Communications at one time; the late Ed Neibling - another thespian on the side - who whenever he brought us spots to air live - we knew we would have headaches; Jim Hill - whom we all loved and is now a successful stockbroker in Tulsey and looks like he hasn't aged in 20 years; Len Allsup - a bright young guy who later was President of KBLCom (a big cable system owner and programmer) up in Pittsburg, PA; and Jim Wilburn - "the kid from Muskogee" who is the principal owner of Winner Communications. Others I forget - sorry.

Bretz, Neibling and Hill also often were voice talent on the spots they sold.

A salesman at KTUL in the go-go 70's could do very well by him/herself on commissions and except for right after Xmas - 8 was sold out almost all the time. May be even making MORE money then they could today!

Yeah, Mike, you're going to have to work on improving that memory of yours.

Erick - 10/14/99 08:28:33
Location: Tulsa

Bob Barry Jr has pretty much taken over his dad's spot. He is the sports director at KFOR, and is doing the nightly sportscasts. Senior is only doing the early evening sportscasts. I think Bob Sr will be around for awhile longer. He's been rumored to be fired from his play by play gig with OU for several years, and he's still there. There's still fire in the old man, and I really enjoy listening to and watching him. Bob Jr is great, too. It will be a little sad when Bob Sr retires, though, because he's the last great OKC TV personality still on the air other than Gary England. Jerry Park retired from KOCO earlier this year.

Here's to hoping this guestbook doesn't fill with Hanson fan messages.

Frank Morrow - 10/14/99 07:43:37

Someone asked about Karl Janssen. He was one of the pioneers of Tulsa radio, at least from the mid-Forties on. He moved to Tulsa from Youngstown, PA, in 1944. He was Program Director at KTUL for many years. I knew him and his family very well. He gave me my first job ---weekend announcer at KTUL in June, 1951, after I graduated from Central. I worked for him full-time a year later, after 12 months at KAKC (I had the same disk jockey program at KAKC that Jim Ruddle performed about two years before.)

I had a couple of dates with Karl’s oldest daughter in college; my little sister was in Brownies and Girl Scouts with Janssen’s youngest daughter; and my mother and Mrs. Janssen were good friends. I would go to Tulsa Philharmonic concerts occasionally with the Janssens. He always made sure that I had complimentary tickets to the concerts.

He was a great person to work for. He took me in as a diamond in the rough, and gave me some well-needed polishing. Karl had occasional disagreements with the general manager and sales staff over FCC requirements. Karl was a stickler for adhering to the rules and regulations, whereas the others occasionally wanted to do things which Karl thought could jeopardize their license.

Karl also loved the theater. He was in many productions of the Tulsa Little Theater. He tried to get me to try out for a part once.

Karl had a lovely, unique voice which he never lost. His love for classical music extended to a Sunday afternoon broadcast which he hosted.

In 1994, I called him. We had not conversed since about 1955. We talked for two hours. When his wife complained about tying up the phone, he invited me over to his house. We talked for two more hours. An added treat was the unscheduled appearance of Sadie Adwon, who had been the first woman radio salesperson in Tulsa. (She died in 1997.)

Even though he was 88 years of age, Karl still had that beautiful voice, his mind was razor sharp, and he looked half his age. But he was living with a weakened blood vessel in his brain which could explode at any time and kill him. That’s what happened a year later.

Mike Bruchas - 10/13/99 19:35:17
Location: Alexandria, VA

Am forwarding this from contributor Don Lundy who is vacationing in OK.

"It was Mistletoe Express that Gaylord (family) owned.

Went up to KTUL yesterday (Monday); had the tour and lunch with Pat Baldwin, the GM. Nice guy, came out of sales at KATV. Got to spend time chatting with Tuffy, Monte Toon, Red Statum and Gary Clausing. Betty Thompson was also there. And an extra treat...while I was waiting for Pat, Bob Hower came in so we spent some time talking.

Hardly recognized the place. Upstairs was vaguely familiar. Seemed tiny in the hallways and control rooms. But the new additions and newsroom are spectacular.

TV in OKC still looks pretty good. Guess Jack Ogle died last week. His sons are on rival stations.

Bob Barry is rumored to be retiring and his son is being groomed to take over. That's one thing about OKC...the talent has been there for a long time. Guess the closest Tulsa comes is Clayton Vaughn, who left KOTV earlier this year".

Thanks, Don!

Alina - 10/13/99 19:30:57
Location: Switzerland(Wagenhausen)
Favorite Tulsa TV show: I dunno any
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: it isn't a TV personality---> HANSON
Stupidest local commercial: I dunno Germany I hate all car commercials;o))
How did you find TTM?: I asked anyone

Hey! I'm only here b/c I wanted to see the signing from Hanson....I'm a big fan of them and I want that they always stay on be famous and that they don't stop to make music!!!

I wish them luck, and anytime when I'm in Tulsa(2003) I'll watch TTM...


Andrea Meyer - 10/13/99 19:25:25
Location: Mexico
Favorite Tulsa TV show: Hmmm ALL!!
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: HANSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stupidest local commercial: Hmmm I have NO idea lol
How did you find TTM?: Got the URL from a Hanson Newsletter -s-


Well, just came here to look at Hansons comments =o) and well....I will check this page out it definately HAS to be kewl! (Hanson said it) =o)

Kristopher Crook - 10/13/99 19:08:03
Location: Virtual airspace

Kristopher sent this story via email and OK'd putting it out here:


I was reading your site, and I noticed the reference to the size of KOCO-TV farm reporter Gene Wheatley, and it brought back memories of how his size became a running joke in Oklahoma City.

Back around 1985 or '86, Wheatley was on KWTV in OKC, and a weatherman on the station, Paul Bouchereau, was going to do the local weather drop-in for the CBS Morning News. Back then, they didn't have a mini-forecast like they do today, but just put up a screen with the current weather and the weatherman would talk over the graphic. Anyway, Bouchereau didn't know he had a live mike and was caught in a string of obscenities that made it onto the air.

At that time, the Oklahoma Gazette ran a weekly strip called "Okay City" drawn by Steve Hill, who was later the Press Secretary for Governor Walters. Hill would often skewer local celebrities, and Wheatley was no exception. After the incident with Bouchereau, Hill drew a cartoon that consisted of four panels of the cartoon's main character, Armbruster the Armadillo, watching TV. In the first panel, we hear the handoff from CBS to KWTV, followed by Boucherau's cussing. In the third panel, you hear someone shouting at Bouchereau "Hey, Hey! Do you know what we do with potty mouths at this station? Gene, get in here Gene!" And the final panel features the armadillo with huge eyes as he hears "Sit on him, Gene."

I'd forgotten all about that incident and the cartoon parody until I saw the mention of Gene Wheatley. By the time he left KWTV around 1988 or 1989, he was too big for the chairs on the news set, I think they eventually had a over-sized armchair for him by then.

Best Regards,
Kristopher Crook,
Chairman and CEO,
Braniff International Virtual Airways

Lowell Burch - 10/13/99 11:47:57
Location: Tulsa
Favorite Tulsa TV show: UFFCM
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: Mazeppa, Lee & Lionel

I drove for Magic Empire Express in college. We did distribute the World and the Tribune to the carriers. I have a lot of stories about the job. It was really good for a college kid. It was a union shop and paid well. I got a lot of studying in while we waited for the edition to come off the press.

Frank Morrow - 10/13/99 02:09:32
Location: Austin, TX

Let me tell you my Anita Bryant story. I was operating the Newsmobile at KRMG in 1956 when I arranged to do an interview with her and play her first record. Still in high school, she was a little on the plump side with a not-so-perfect complexion. Yet she was attractive, and seemed to be on the verge of blossoming. Mainly, though, she had a wonderful voice. After the interview I asked her if she was planning to enter the impending Miss Tulsa contest. She said that she wasn’t because displaying herself in a bathing suit (even those awful ‘50s things with their modesty panels) would be against her religion. I explained to her the doors that such a contest would open up to her if she won. I told her about the opportunities which came to my two friends Shirley Barbour and LoRene Washburn who had won the Miss Oklahoma contests only three and four years previously. Anita said that she would consider it. She did. She zoomed.

Jim Ruddle - 10/12/99 16:01:10
Location: Rye, NY

Thanks for info on McNeil-Lehrer. They owned the show at the time I referred to and they all got rich.

As Monty Python would say, now for something completely different:

I mentioned Marna Bryant in an earlier post. An interesting sidebar is that in the mid-fifties, a young (teenage) girl came to the station a couple of times and sang. Her name was Anita Bryant. Marna became friendly with her, although no relation that I know of. When Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts came to Tulsa, Marvin Lawill, a cameraman at KOTV and Anita both auditioned and both were accepted. Marvin was overjoyed, as was Anita, however, she had a problem. Her family was very religious and strictly so. She wanted to go on the Godfrey show, but her parents thought not. Marna went to their home and talked to them, telling them that Anita had a God-given talent that should be shared. Eventually, they conceded the point and Anita went on to great success. Had it not been for Marna, Florida might have stopped selling orange juice, and gays everywhere would have been more relaxed.

Marvin, by the way, never had a career as a singer and unfortunately died a few years ago. At the time, he said I was foolish not to audition for the Godfrey show, but I knew better.

I tracked down Anita Bryant's web site on GeoCities:

2/6/2005: Her site no longer exists, but the link now goes to the Wayback Machine's Feb 16, 2003 version of the site.

John Hillis - 10/12/99 13:19:12
Location: Washington, DeeCee
Favorite Tulsa TV show: Harvey Young Airport follies

One amplification--MacNeil/Lehrer Productions is not majority owned by MacNeil and Lehrer. TCI Cable bought a large majority position several years ago, so Tulsa Cable and the NewsHour were each putting cash into the same Denver pockets. I imagine that the investment is now tucked into AT&T's Liberty Media Group subsidiary, which is run by former TCI mogul John Malone.

Mike Bruchas - 10/11/99 21:31:10

KFMJ = K Fred (and) Mary Jones of Fred Jones Ford fame and I believe they had a similarly call-lettered station in OKC. Though I still like Keep Feeding Me, Jesus!

KOME = K Oklahoma's Magic Empire - which Don Lundy told us about. That was a Tulsa promotional moniker in the 40's/50's/maybe 60's.

Remember Magic Empire Express? It may have had a tie-in with one of the Tulsa papers for circulation distribution.

In OKC the Gaylord family also had a trucking company (can't remember the name) that they used to deliver the Daily Oklahoman all over the state + freight.

Green Country and Green Country Inc. may have replaced some of the Magic Empire thang outside of Tulsey but it mainly was a group that promoted Eastern OK for business and travel - we often felt KTUL-TV was an arm of this because it was a Jimmy Leake pet project..

Erick - 10/11/99 18:23:56

I believe 92.1 carried the KELI calls around 1984. This is according to the radio listings on (check the links page for it).

Also, did we ever figure out what the calls to KFMJ and KOME meant? I found a website which says KFMJ stood for "K Fred and Mary Jones", and KOME stood for "Kovers Over Magic Empire".

I heard it as "Oklahoma's Magic Empire". Of course, Mike Bruchas' TU friends who worked part-time at religious station KFMJ to keep themselves afloat claimed the letters stood for "Keep Feeding Me, Jesus".

Mike Bruchas - 10/11/99 14:31:29
Location: Alexandria, VA

Thanks to Jim Ruddle for the note!

You've had a neat life, done a lot of fascinating stuff and a lot of us envy where you are now.

You also typify a lot us in the TV field - we're gypsies in search of "that better job" throughout our work lives.

Jim Ruddle - 10/11/99 13:41:48
Location: Rye, NY

Mike Bruchas asked that I provide some info on what I did after leaving Tulsa. Blame him.

In 1957, I joined a group of six trying to sail the Atlantic from NY to Plymouth, England. A hurricane half-way across forced the boat back to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Left the boat and went to South America by freighter, then returned to Tulsa at the end of the year. You can't go home again.

Left in '58 for Mexican radio station where Noel Confer had set up a job. Turned out to be a top-forty jock gig, which was sort of fun for a few months, but I wasn't really good at it, so I checked out in mid-'59 and went to grad school at U. of New Mexico. I had already done my master's at TU. Four years in Albuquerque, TA and Fellow at UNM, plus working in radio at KOB and a truly sucking station which had a couple of different call letters, one of which was KVON. Did weekend news on KOAT-TV until leaving to teach at U. of South Florida, in 1963. There, I saw Jerry Peterson, of Tulsa, doing weather on Channel 13, and called to say hello. He said I should come down and do some work. Since an instructor's pay at USF was two glasses of orange juice and unlimited grits, I went to work at the station as reporter (one-man band) and six-o'clock co-anchor with Hugh Smith.

In early late '64, I got a call from WGN, in Chicago, offering to fly me there for an audition. Went up in early '65, teamed with Gary Park on the early and ten o'clock newscasts. Gary and I departed in '67, he to KTVU, Oakland-San Fran, and I to WMAQ-TV, Chicago, where I worked as reporter and anchor until '75 when I joined what was supposed to become a national Public Television News net, but which was co-opted by McNeil-Lehrer. I doubt that many people are aware of the fact that the "NewsHour" is a privately owned entity (McNeil, Lehrer, Les Crystal, and maybe a couple of others) that contracts with PBS to provide the show. No others need apply.

After two years of anchoring/writing/reporting at the Chicago PBS station, returned to NBC as a network correspondent, in 1977. In '78, while covering some story in Washington, DC, was contacted by WMAQ-TV station manager and asked to come back as ten o'clock anchor. I stayed there until 1986, anchoring and doing commentary. Eventually, I did commentary exclusively.

In '86, I hung up my jock, bought a sailboat on Chesapeake Bay (I already had one in Chicago) and moved aboard with my girlfriend. We lived on the boat for four years, traveling hither and yon, finally docking in St. Pete, FL. The girlfriend was a print reporter for PEOPLE magazine and was offered a job in the DC bureau. Since I wasn't doing anything, nor intending to, we moved there. After a couple of years, she was moved to NY as Chief of Correspondents, so we wound up in Rye, NY where we still live.

She's now a senior editor with FAMILY CIRCLE, and I sail out of the local marina and, as far as I can tell, don't do one damned useful thing. Since leaving Chicago, I have avoided all work, have never been on radio or television, except as a guest, and have not had to talk to a news director save at funerals and large dinner gatherings.

Mike Bruchas - 10/10/99 19:18:26

Yoicks - did KELI ever have an FM sister station, Erick?

All I remember is AM KELI way back when in the satellite building on the Fairgrounds. Someone said it is Spanish language programming now.

KAKC is now "La Bonita", in Spanish.

Erick - 10/10/99 15:48:01
Location: Tulsa

Here's a Tulsa radio update. Clear Channel is at it again. They switched formats on the long-time jazz station, KOAS 92.1, to top 40 (yuck). Didn't KELI used to be top 40 on that freq?

Mike Bruchas - 10/10/99 14:15:58
Location: The rainy East Coast on a Fall Sunday

From Don Lundy - currently vacationing in OK:

"Thought I'd reply to your posting on the Tulsa TV Memories site. Karl Janssen was a TV salesman when I started work there (at KTUL) in 1968. Think he retired before my second tour beginning in 1973.

I can picture him and believe he was talent on radio and I believe was involved in Little Theatre or maybe The Drunkard play.

I believe he passed away several years ago."

Mike Baughman - 10/10/99 00:28:02
Location: Joliet IL (by the Big House)
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: King Lionel
How did you find TTM?: Word of mouth

I like it! Brings back a lot of memories, although I didn't actually arrive in Tulsa until my teens (1974).

Good to hear from you, Mike. Mike is a former colleague of mine...he says his wife has a good Mr. Zing and Tuffy story.

Jim Ruddle - 10/08/99 12:55:46
Location: Rye, NY

I must correct an error--not that it's all that important: The music program I recalled was not titled "Memories are Made of This," but "Moments to Remember." I knew it was a song title. It was just as bad under either name. I speak for myself on that point. A young lady, who should shoot me for this, named Jody I-Can't-Remember-Her-Last-Name was also on the program and was very good. Best of all, Marna Bryant played piano and was just a great lady to be around. She affected a tough exterior, but she was one of the nicest people in the business and a pleasure to work with.

For the older old timers, I sent a note to Bill Hyden about Herb Lightman, who was a director when the station went on the air, along with Rick and Ronnie Oxford. Herb spent most of his career either making movies or writing about them. He had his own company in California--Devon Productions--and was editor of American Cinematographer Magazine for a number of years. He still works occasionally, when he wants to, and the rest of the time he skis or swims at his home in Lake Tahoe.

About Karzoff: He's still alive and in your midst, in Tulsa, where he molests small animals.

Thanks, Jim, I will make the correction.

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