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Time: October 05 2003 at 16:58:30
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: If you are a TV geek or newsie.....
Comments: CNN is looking for hires in NYC and DC under the CNN America, Inc. banmer. Maybe a potential spin-off from Time Warner AOL? Shooters, studio crew, IT folks and a lot more...

Go to www.turnerjobs.com to scope stuff out, should you wanna leave OK.

Time: October 05 2003 at 09:06:35
Name: David Bagsby
Location: Lawrence KS
Comments: ZEMI! They had one of those machines in the locker room at Whitney Jr. High and yes, those brain freezes were fatal. Once someone kicked it and it just started pouring out the precious Zemi sauce everywhere. All the 9th graders clustered around the front and were digging cups out of the trash can to capture the sweet nectar. Sort of disturbing sight as the locker room wasn't really the most sanitary place on earth. It's the only time I ever saw upper-classmen begging us for our cups (Zemi that is).

Time: October 05 2003 at 02:42:50
Name: Rich Lohman
Location: In a Pink haze from the Pepto...
Comments: Made it out to the fair with my 3 year old son Sean and his grandmother this afternoon. I always make it out there on the first Friday and the final Saturday of the fair every year like clockwork. Anyways, had a great time, got my kid a Gusty from Don Woods, ate ourselves silly.

This one is for Zeb...man, I remember your afternoons at the fair when you rode the rides for us kids during your show in the afternoons after school. A great memory of the Cartoon Camp. Now I wonder if you or Zeke woulda taken on the Ejection Seat or the Ultimate Drop, 'eh? :)

Time: October 05 2003 at 01:04:25
Name: Webmaster
Location: Tulsa
Comments: My wife Gaye and I made it out to the fair again yesterday. We did some things we missed on our first visit, like riding Zingo, Phantasmagoria, the Tilt-A-Whirl and the Skyride. We saw a 1 hour old baby goat. We chowed down on turkey "laigs".

Gaye found the "Bobo" just as appalling as on our previous visit.

In the evening while at home watching the B-movie noir classic, "Detour", on a DVD borrowed from the Tulsa library, my brother called to say he just saw us on a Fox23 News teaser. We detoured from "Detour" and tuned in. Sure enough, there we were, strolling along the Midway.

On our way out of the fair, we had stopped by the 23 booth in the IPE building and picked up a free koozee. The gal manning it (or is that "womaning" it?) asked if we watched Fox23 News. We said yes, but had no idea at that time we would be on it that evening!

Time: October 04 2003 at 22:17:46
Name: DE
Location: North Tulsa (Wichita)
Comments: Can't find any references to Zemi machines in the archives. I particularly enjoyed the talking ones with Mazeppa's voice. Z7 was the flavor of choice and was known to cause near-fatal brain freeze if consumed too quickly. I would love to have one of those old machines.

Time: October 03 2003 at 19:55:06
Name: Kathy Schramm Rapp
Location: Just finished bratwurst and saurkraut
Comments: I remember the skylift ride at Bell's. Does anyone remember the "Mad Mouse" roller coaster ride? Was that at Bell's or the TSF?

That's how I think of it, too, the Mad Mouse. It's still at the fair, but under a different name, which I can't recall at the moment.

Time: October 03 2003 at 17:26:52
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Missin' the Fair - somebody eat a waffle cone or funnel cake for me!
Comments: Does anyone remember what "I LIKE SWIPE" was all about or for what product?

"Boom Battle" - discussed before here but no one knows if it still exists or what was the point behind it?

Does the TSF have "women's wrestling" like the OKC State Fair used to run? The touring troop that played OKC years ago at the Fair were pretty scaggly and often trolling the Fair crowds for women "to dare climb in the ring" - which to me seemed either to ring in shills or might be a major liabilty issue should an amateur be hurt.

To me - Bell's skylift ride over the TSF is still one of my best memories. At the OKC Fair - I could never ride the Monorail - it was always breaking down during the Fair. Almost like that monorail from the Simpson's show!

"I LIKE SWIPE" played a part in this Johnny Cash story.

Time: October 03 2003 at 14:49:35
Name: Erick
Location: Tulsa
Comments: I'm with you on that, Rich.

For those who don't know, the Ultimate Drop is almost one step up from the Bungee Jump. You are lifted in a cage to a height of about 150 feet. A worker clips your harness to the cage. The bottom of the cage opens, then it's just a matter of the worker unclipping your harness. The freefall is all you, you're attached to nothing. The only thing between you and the hard Oklahoma dirt is a very slack net.

The King is in the building at the Tulsa State Fair...see Elvis.com today.

Or if you missed it on Elvis.com, here is the picture taken by Charle Reeves of the Elvis Presley Fan Club of Oklahoma:

Elvis at the TSF

"Elvis was everywhere at the Tulsa State Fair. Elvis collectables and memorabilia were displayed during the fair and special awards were given for different categories of collectibles. Elvis music and videos played on giant monitors and Elvis fans from around the world gathered to celebrate the king of rock 'n' roll in Tulsa, Oklahoma."

Other Elvis-related items on Tulsa TV Memories: Mike Miller's brush with the King and a 1974 Tulsa Elvis ticket.

Time: October 03 2003 at 13:47:28
Name: Rich Lohman
Location: Wondering why...
Comments: Okay, anyone take a gander at the "Ultimate Drop" ride they have at the fair this year? Okay, I thought the bungee jump was dangerous, but at least you had a rubberband around your ankles.

Just watching this thing scared the shiznit outta me. Wow. If you have the guts, be my guest. Otherwise, I don't think so.

Time: October 03 2003 at 12:36:19
Name: Erick
Location: Tulsa
Comments: Talking fair with some co-workers, and someone mentioned seeing a culinary item I must have missed...

Deep-fried chocolate-covered key lime pie.

That sounds like something you would really have to want to enjoy.

Time: October 03 2003 at 12:26:14
Name: Kathy Schramm Rapp
Location: In Texas patiently awaiting the Big Game
Comments: Erick, I bet you looked pretty cool wearing your "Tuck Fexas" t-shirt and fuzzy cowboy hat!! (Now THERE'S a Kodak Moment).

I came an inch close to attending OU after high school, but moved to Texas right before the tornadoes of June '74 hit Tulsa. Instead, after graduating from high school down here, I ended up going to UT-Austin the Fall of '76. Even though I graduated from UT in '80, I still think about what it would have been like at OU, (bein' a native Okie and all). I would have been sing'n Boomer Sooner instead of The Eyes of Texas! I enjoyed UT and living in Austin for four years and a couple of summers, though. If I don't make it to Dallas, you can be sure I'll be plugged in to the TV! Also, my brother and I may be paying a visit to Tulsey Town soon to visit our old stompin' grounds. Until next time......

Time: October 03 2003 at 10:05:45
Name: Erick
Location: Tulsa
Comments: I finally got a chance to hit the fair this year, so here is my official TSF report for TTM.

Among other highlights, I raced remote control NASCAR cars, milked a cow, inquired KOTV sportscaster John Holcomb of how many ounces of potato chips he thought may be in the hot tub (a KOTV giveaway) but he didn't know, recorded a KRMG newscast (but the tape they gave me was blank!), got my 15 seconds of fame thanks to "Me2TV" at the KJRH booth where I chatted briefly with anchor John Walls, and sampled some green chili stew.

Food items purchased and consumed include...fried cheese on a stick, spiral cut potatoes with sour cream, cheese, and bacon, cajun fried shrimp on a stick, and an orangeade.

Novelties purchased include...a "Tuck Fexas" t-shirt for the fast-approaching OU-Texas game, and a furry flame-colored cowboy hat with matching boa (I look like a pimp wearing it).

Time: October 03 2003 at 08:20:44
Name: Steve Bagsby
Location: Following the railroad tracks for a landing at Tulsa Municipal Airfield
Comments: Sometime in the early 70's, my Dad brought a record home from work featuring the new jingle for American Airlines. "We're American Airlines - Doing what we do best!" This was about the same time they were showing off the new huge Hangar 3 and the 747 that would reside there.

Time: October 03 2003 at 07:40:13
Name: Sonny Hollingshead
Location: North of the Oklahoma Stage
Comments: John Hillis' story about KOTV's theme music giveaway reminds me that KTUL produced a record called "Celebrate Oklahoma" that we sold or gave away (or both) sometime in the 80s.

I have one at home that I have NEVER listened to. I think the songs were from local artists singing about Oklahoma. Since then, I've seen more of these in second-hand record stores than I can count.

Time: October 03 2003 at 07:29:48
Name: Daniel Wright
Location: Okmulgee, Ok
Comments: The ride you are talking about is also called a Gravitron. They had one at the fair as of two years ago.

Yes, we definitely have a Gravitron. now under the name Starship 2000.

Time: October 02 2003 at 21:48:39
Name: Lowell Burch
Location: Looking for the Alka Seltzer
Comments: Just got back from another night at the fair. A friend wanted me to go see Trace Adkins. Afterwards, we ate a turkey leg. Too big!

I remember the ride that Joy mentioned and it was not the Round Up. It was called the Spindle Top at Six Flags. It was a big round room with no straps or handles. You entered through a door. The door closed and it began to spin until you were forced against the wall. Once it went fast enough, the floor dropped out. Some folks would crawl around, even upside down, ala Spider-Man, while the rest of us spent our time plastered to the wall waiting for the ride to stop.

At the Fair, I met a lot of people, I stopped and sang with the Founders Chorus, I watched Mayor LaFortune shoot basketballs and then I went out and sheared the hair off of a few hippies. (Just kidding!)

We definitely saw a "Super Round Up" out there beside the Himalaya.

Joy CooperTime: October 02 2003 at 17:24:20
Name: Joy Cooper
Location: Puter Room
Comments: Ah, the Tulsa State Fair...looked forward to that every year when I was a young'un. Haven't been to any state's fair in the years and years since.

One year the TSF had a ride (can't remember its name) built like a huge enclosed drum structure where you stood up against the wall inside. Then it would begin to spin until there was enough centrifugal force to pin you to the wall so you wouldn't fall when the floor dropped out! Uh, there were some kinks in that ride because people were falling from the wall like dead leaves and I was ooching down the side myself ready to clunk to the bottom when they finally screeched it to a halt. Thrills, chills, sheer terror, does anyone remember this one?

Might your ride be the Round Up?

Here is a more recent photo of Joy than the one from her high school play. (Joy isn't a TV/radio person; I just got in the habit of putting her picture out here for her fans from this site.)

Time: October 02 2003 at 14:05:03
Name: David Bagsby
Location: Lawrence KS
Comments: I'd always heard of these "shearing parties". Normally in the same breath as "J.P. Hamby".

Halloween is coming soon...be sure to check out David's "Ma-Hu Vishnu Orchestra" CD, which is a perfect sound track for the season.

Edwin with former Gov. KeatingTime: October 02 2003 at 10:49:07
Name: edwin
Location: In from the fair..the tulsa state fair
Comments: Yeah Mike...Got followed by the FFA boys one nite out to the press parking lot. They circled 'round this long haired "Hippie" (Beatnik really) & had the shears! Some crazy REAL Hippie came running over, dressed only in a colorful sheet & explained to them how they really didn't want to do this. Well, they threw me back (too small) & went after him! I mean, what could I do but drive away watching this crazoid's sheet flying behind him with 20 or so FFA boys a chasin'!

The rest of the fair I had Tuffy walk me to the car!

Above: former Gov. Keating reacts favorably to a storyboard of Edwin's yarn.

Time: October 01 2003 at 20:26:40
Name: Kelly S.
Location: Tulsa
Comments: Punched in "Fantastic Theater" and what a great surprise! I remember the first theme, "Quiet Village", introducing movies like "From Hell It Came" and "World Without End". I soaked up every bit of this stuff and thought it was really neat how Earthmen wore ball caps and carried 45's on their hips! Thanks for the recordings of the "Fantastic" "Sonik Re-Entry", which was a just-right intro to "Rodan", "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", "The Brain From Planet Arous" and many other Saturday Nightmares!

Time: October 01 2003 at 15:56:18
Name: Kathy Rapp (formerly Kathy Schramm of Tulsa)
Location: In Texas remembering the Tulsa State Fair of the 60's & 70's
Comments: Hello, Webmaster Mike! This is the first time I'm writing Tulsa TV Memories, although I've been browsing through the site for a couple of months.

I grew up in Tulsey Town in the 60's & early 70's and I remember the TSF very fondly. Everything from the Zingo to the Spook House, not to mention the mouth-watering caramel apples and sausage on a stick! My brother, our friends and I would beg our parents to go every afternoon after school.

Another vivid memory I have is of the famous Scream in the Dark (it's that time of year again!). There is something similar to it down here around the Houston area called The Haunted Woods, but not nearly as frightening.

Mike, I notice that the Guestbook is mostly wonderful memories of radio and television (of which I have many), but I also remember so many other people, places and things around Tulsa I would like to share. Could I write back another time with these?

Oh, by the way, I've noticed that there are a few entries from Steve "Stevo" Wolfson. We went to school together during the 60's (Elem. & Jr. Hi), rode the same school bus and lived in the same neighborhood - Hidden Valley Estates off of 61st Street, the southern most edge of town at that time. Anything beyond that was "the sticks"!

Well, see ya at the Cotton Bowl!

Hi, and thanks for signing in, Kathy. Feel free to talk about other Tulsa-related subjects; I figured out a long time ago that the people who remember TV/radio stuff (including me) also have other, related interests. So the subtitle of this site is now "Tulsa pop culture".

I'll tell Stevo you dropped by.

(I just belatedly summarized the last Guestbook at the bottom of this one)

Time: October 01 2003 at 02:41:46
Name: Don Norton
Location: Tulsa, Once and Again
Comments: Tulsa native Tony Randall is scheduled with actress Gina Lollobrigida and writer Liz Smith on the Larry King Live show Wednesday, October 1. The three will offer anecdotes about the late actor Rock Hudson. Time, 8 p.m. Central on CNN. It repeats at 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. for anyone going to the Tulsa State Fair during the first show.

Time: September 30 2003 at 23:30:30
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Memory Lane - apt. 303 in Fairfax, VA
Comments: In '69 - the FFA boys were beating up longhair hippy liberals at the Fair. Many of us TU young'uns heard this and were afraid of the natives to go initially. Scalpin' longhairs was also deemed semi-acceptable...really just shearing up some bangs on guys - we heard....

In '70 - the rowdier FFA boys were trying to score dope from us college kids or sell us "homegrown" from the farm. I remember fellow collegians buying illicit roadside hemp - thinking it was the more refined Mary J...

In '71 - other than the gimme hats or jackets the FFA kids looked like US!

How times changed! I am sure "Doctor" Fincher could also add to the social analysis on change in Tulsey at the Fair in those years. Edwin probably saw more of it - all those years that he spent hours out there, lighting events for 8's many Fair broadcasts.

Time: September 30 2003 at 23:15:21
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Can anyone FAX me a catfish-on-a-stick or cheese-on-a-stick?????

Bro Hillis - meet ya at the Have-A Bite Eatery - a Fairfax County court/cop stop! Recommended by Jack Hobson (though not as good as Ray's was...)
Comments: Let's all sing!

"Here's to the Fair! The Tulsa State Fair!!!!!.....".duh, I forgot the rest of the lyrics again.....

So as Betty Boyd said for soooo many years for the MUSKOGEE State Fair - "Git a wiggle on!"

Time: September 30 2003 at 17:30:14
Name: Rich Lohman
Location: Enjoying a roasted ear of Corn, East of the IPE bldg.
Comments: I used to have a KVOO clicker that drove my folks mad one night when we went to the fair. very similar to the clicker used to train dogs, it was passed out to us like so many other freebies at the fair.

I also remember the Bil-Jac samples handed out "be sure and tell your Mom to put this in the fridge when you get home", the man would say. My Dad sent us back like 4 times in one evening and the dog would be well fed for about 2 weeks.

Time: September 30 2003 at 15:58:42
Name: John Hillis
Location: Driving an SUV in Fairfax City, Va. Watch out, Bruch-man!
Comments: At the '78 fair, KOTV gave away records of the station theme music package--Take a Look. Not as common or obnoxious as AOL CD-ROMs, but not as useful as fridge magnets (unless you shot skeet).

Mr. Hillis explored "Take A Look" in greater depth on the new Tulsa State Fair page.

Time: September 30 2003 at 15:03:56
Name: Erick
Location: Tulsa
Comments: I agree with you, Steve.

As a kid, I hated it when my mom wanted to look at exhibits. Now, if you find me on the midway, it's usually because I'm taking a shortcut to the next exhibit hall.

I'm also fond of the free stuff. Pretty much every magnet I have on the fridge is from the fair. Let's see...I have a KOTV magnet from probably a year or two ago. A much older KOTV magnet from probably the early 90's. A kind of old KJRH StormTeam magnet from about 5 years ago. And assorted Chevrolet, St. John's Health System, and Red Cross magnets. A few years ago, I stopped by the EMSA booth, and they had a magnet that was also a first aid tip guide. Now, if I suffer a snake bite while in the kitchen, I know what to do!

Seems like exhibitors skimp on the free stuff these days. I remember getting a free sample of Bil-Jac dog food several years ago. Now, they still have samples, but they ain't free.

Time: September 30 2003 at 09:14:21
Name: Steve Bagsby
Location: Eating a turkey leg next to the Handwriting Analysis Computer
Comments: What happens when you grow old? When I was a kid, all I wanted to do at the fair was ride the rides. The folks about had to drag me around to see the exhibits. Now that I'm old, I just kinda walk through the midway and spend my time oogling the exhibits!

And of course, you've gotta have a bag of free stuff coming home. Flyers, pamplets, rulers, fridge magnets, etc.

What are some of your favorite nick-nacks?

Time: September 29 2003 at 18:42:36
Name: Mike Bruchas
Comments: I am wondering - if there have ever been any statewide Fair winners like in pie-making or cow raising....that might be interesting Oklahoma trivia...like winning a trifecta as a prize winner at all 3 Fairs in a year.....

Time: September 29 2003 at 18:36:41
Name: Noel Confer
Location: In the middle of three state fairs
Comments: The three Okla. cities have fairs, so that three cities can make money and enterain their citizens.

Time: September 28 2003 at 21:43:12
Name: Rich Lohman
Location: In the Penalty Box.
Comments: Yeah, I remember Coach Carlson of the RiverKings back in the day. In one memorable Oilers game in 1992 he actually took the glass down behind his players bench so the players could have at our fans a la his "brothers" doing the same thing in the movie.

As for the sequel to Slap Shot, there's a good reason SS2 went to video. Mainly, it didn't capture the same spirit that the first one did. It's neat that Busey was part of it, and all, but as a flick it's in my collection because I'm a hockey fan, but I recommend the Paul Newman version above all else.

It should be noted also that OU now has a hockey team and the won over the weekend 7-3 over the SMS Bears in OKC.

Time: September 28 2003 at 16:41:57
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Now a resident of Fairfax City, VA again, but I think should be allowed to shoot SUV drivers here for "operating incompetence" in normal traffic....
Comments: When I came to OK from IL in '69 - I could not conceive of *3* State Fairs, since IL's great one was good enough for all of us!

If one needed MORE Fair exposure, you drove to WI or IN a week or so later or made a BIG road trip to the mega-sized OHIO State Fair.

Can ANYONE explain why OK has needed Muskogee, Tulsa AND OKC State Fairs?

Time: September 27 2003 at 09:19:39
Name: Webmaster
Location: TSF
Comments: Here is a photo of the 1970 Tulsa State Fair. You can see the old KELi satellite building in the midway, and the stock car race track to the east.

1970 Tulsa State Fair

9/28: The high 60s temperature was perfect at the fair last night. TTM contributors (and recording artists) Lowell and Susan Burch emailed that they saw me and my wife Gaye, but the crowd was too thick to get to us.

"Bobo" (aka "the Bozo", as in clown make-up) is back again at the east end of the midway, goading bystanders via P.A. system into paying to hurl baseballs at a target. If a hit is scored, he is immediately deposited into a tank of water.

Bobo takes note of people's weight, sex, ethnicity, personal style ("maybe you could throw better if you turned that cap back around, you big jerk! HA HA HAAAA-YIII-YIII-YIII!") in a way that makes me wonder if he would be better served by a bullet-proof enclosure rather than a mere barred cage. The artificial-sounding laugh he appends to every abusive comment is grating enough to drum up business just on its own merits.

As per tradition, he is "high and dry" after climbing back up onto his perch following a dunking.

Gary Busey showed a flair for this job in the movie, "Carny"

Time: September 26 2003 at 12:15:53
Name: Si Hawk
Location: Tulsa
Comments: Rick,

I know how you feel. I hosted a little program called "Black Belt Theatre" back in the 80's on KJRH. We had two strikes against us on that one. We were playing some of the worst movies ever in the Asian fight genre.

Good luck with your projects for the future.

Time: September 25 2003 at 22:55:36
Name: Rick Rutledge
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Comments: I have just spent the good part of the last hour reading through the guestbook and seeing a couple of entries about me and Rachelle Renee's old show World's Worst Movies. I didn't realize we had such a following, and I of course appreciate all the positive comments. We worked VERY hard to make everything work, and although we were number one in our daypart, they couldn't get it sold. And just like every other media, it's a business and they couldn't make any money. So it was cancelled. In fact almost every person involved with that show has since left KJRH. I am still in contact with them and we are all still friends. Thanks again for all the kind words and look for me soon on CMT and MTV, then you can brag about me being from TULSA!! Thanks again!

Thank you, Rick, I really enjoyed WWM while it lasted. You and Rachelle had a good comic chemistry. I know it's hard for a local late night program to show a profit acceptable to the station.

"Beef Baloney" is trying another route: paying the station for the time and finding sponsors on their own (there is an article about BB in the Satellite section of the Friday 9/26 Tulsa World). I hope it works for them, because they have an entertaining, funny show.

Best of luck to you in your new enterprises, and "we'll be lookin' for you!".

Time: September 25 2003 at 21:17:54
Name: Lowell Burch
Location: Midway
Comments: I have not gone to that many hockey fights here in Tulsa, and even fewer wrestling matches. I do remember that I once asked promoter Bob Clay if pro wrestling was real or fake. He put a hold on me quick as lightning, shouting, "Does this look fake to you?"

The situation was so preposterous, yet the pain so real, I couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry. So I did a little of both.

Noel ConferTime: September 25 2003 at 19:00:12
Name: Noel Confer
Location: Tulsa
Comments: Talking of the pug-uglies,did anyone else see the "Swedish Angel" or the smaller but just as fearsome "French Angel"? Their looks were the things nightmares were made of.

Noel told a rasslin' story in Guestbook 37 which also involved a mention of the "Swedish Angel", who, like Man Mountain Dean, had a few film credits.

Time: September 25 2003 at 16:38:28
Name: Rich Lohman
Location: Getting ready to go to the fairgrounds...
Comments: I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the Tulsa Oilers will be in action at the convention center in a little less than a month from today.

They kick off their home schedule against last year's champions, the Memphis RiverKings at 7pm on 24 October.

I would be interested to know some memories about hockey from the folk here. Any good stories?

I know that the coach of the RiverKings awhile back was Steve Carlson, who played one of the mentally challenged, but violent Hanson brothers of the 1977 hockey film Slap Shot, starring Paul Newman. More on that in Guestbook 75.

Steve also returned for Slap Shot 2, starring Gary Busey.

Jim Ruddle in 1965Time: September 25 2003 at 13:07:40
Name: Jim Ruddle
Location: Rye, NY
Comments: There's one grappler who appeared in Tulsa at some point who has not been mentioned: Man Mountain Dean aka "The Matterhorn of the Mat." I was never fortunate enough to see this human upheaval, but maybe somebody else did. He was also an actor, of limited sorts.

AKA the Hell's Kitchen Hillbilly, then Stone Mountain Leavitt; his most notable film credit was in "Mighty Joe Young" as himself.

Time: September 25 2003 at 03:04:06
Name: Bob Shelton
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Comments: I continue to enjoy your expanding site. I just quickly scanned your rasslin' page and wanted to point out that:
(1) The Great Bolo and The Mighty Bolo were a tag team set,
(2) nothing was mentioned about one of my favorites, The Scufflin' Hillbillies, also a tag team operation, and
(3) nothing was mentioned about Red McKim's career as a Tulsa Firefighter.

Thanks, again. Bob Shelton

I didn't remember stereo Bolos, but thanks for the info. Haystack Calhoun is about as close as we've gottten to the Hillbillies so far. Red McKim is also deserving of further mention.

Time: September 24 2003 at 17:06:34
Name: Webmaster
Location: The Tulsa State Fair
Comments: In the last Guestbook, we anticipated the start of the Tulsa State Fair. I mentioned the OKC fair as possibly in decline...according to the Tulsa World. OKC saw a 12% increase in revenues last year, and forecasts a bigger year this year, so that is just not true.

The early 60s "Supermarionated" space series, "Fireball XL5" was mentioned. We had an update on the whereabouts of Sasha Foo, former KTUL reporter. A Cadillac built to the specs of a Johnny Cash song was discussed in connection with his recent passing. We noted the passing of John Ritter and Warren Zevon.

Noel Confer checked in. 9/11 was remembered. The Tulsa TV commercial quiz was updated. We saw a great recent picture of "Uncle Zeb" and Bob Hower. Mike Miller told about a practical joke on himself (have you noticed how many people now use the word "myself" instead of "me"?)

KRMG's Johnny Martin was remembered. We heard about the very short-lived KTUL-FM.

It's all in Guestbook 146.

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