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Time: June 01 2003 at 10:28:05
Name: Philip Reed Hensley
Location: Tulsa Oklahoma
Comments: My grandfather, Frank Reed, built Ma-Hu to the best of my knowledge. My uncle, Ken Reed, now lives out of state, but it was quite interesting to see the film piece he did for KTUL.

Time: June 01 2003 at 08:25:31
Name: Jim Reid
Location: Dallas
Comments: I do remember the Alan Thicke show replacing Letterman in Tulsa. I moved to Dallas in 84 and was pleased that all I had to do was make it through an episode of Love Connection and then Letterman came on. Channel 2 really has the golden touch when it comes to programming, don't they?

Is KTUL running Jimmy Kimmel?

Time: June 01 2003 at 07:37:01
Name: Alex Rivers
Location: Kansas City
Comments: For all of you Tiki lovers and lounge lizards out there, Google has an excellent Groups section. Go to Google groups, society, subcultures, lounge culture and there you are.

What's up with the guy from B.A. who dosen't know who Leon is?

I found alt.culture.lounge on Google Groups. The oldest messages posted go all the way back to 1997. This is one of the old Usenet newsgroups, whose archives Google has taken over.

Here is an excellent Tiki group, Tiki Central, which moved off Yahoo Groups to its own bulletin board.

Time: June 01 2003 at 07:02:31
Name: Wilhelm Murg
Location: Still at the TV set of my memories
Comments: You are correct. "Thicke of the Night" ran from 1983-1985, which is when Channel 2 took Letterman off the air.

Time: June 01 2003 at 00:28:50
Name: Jim Reid
Location: Dallas
Comments: Just a couple of clarifications.

There was about a 5 year gap between the end of Mazeppa on 8 and the beginning of Plenty Scary Movie. I don't exactly remember the reason for the eyeball opening on PSM, but I remember producing it. I think it was my idea, and I know I still have the 2 inch master tape of that open in a cardboard box in my garage. I really don't think there was any thought put into the kind of movies run with the eyeball open. If the type of movies changed about the same time as the open, it was a coincidence I'm sure. Carl did the Sherlock Holmes open, and I think it was operations manager Gary Ricketts who was dressed up like Sherlock.

Also, David Letterman's late night show did not begin till 1982.

Time: May 31 2003 at 18:16:38
Name: Wilhelm Murg
Location: Still in front of the television
Comments: Just to touch base:

There was a Pig Stand in Pawhuska, west of town, at least up until the 1990s. I don't know if it's there anymore. They had great food, but it was a tiny old school fast food place (with seating for maybe seven people). I think Bad Brad's Barbecue, which has now become a Pawhuska tradition, gave them a run for their money.

I don't think there was a real replacement for The Uncanny Film Festival when they were kicked off of Channel 6. Shortly after that period I woke up out of childhood and became addicted to music. I remember always trying to catch Don Kirshner's Rock Concert, which came on Saturday nights after the Channel 6 late movie, but it was always so late that I'm thinking they may have run some other programming, like an hour-long rerun ("Suspense Theatre?" - which were old Twilight Zones), then the movie, then Don Kirshner. Don't laugh; that's where I discovered the New York Dolls.

I don't have any memory of "Maintain" at all, which is unfortunate because I'm sure I would have loved it! I sit around listening to Yes albums looking at psychedelic screensavers today. I was under the impression that the Uncanny Film Festival was was replaced on Channel 8 by the "Plenty Scary Movie" (I remember a montage commercial that showed clips of all the major Universial monsters that I think predated the more famous Uncle Zeb promo creation). Then after "Plenty Scary" (or as we used to call it, the "Plenty Universial Movie") there was "Sherlock Holmes Theatre" then "Charlie Chan Theatre" and somewhere there was the revamped "eyeball" opening of "Plenty Scary" featuring Pink Floyd's "Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict" as the theme music. The eyeball version seemed to have more Hammer and color horror movies.

Everything gets a little jumbled because of Channel 2's bizarre programming policies from the era. Tulsans missed the first season of "Saturday Night Live" because Channel 2 simply did not play it. We finally got caught up via reruns, but when they finally started showing it, as the second season began, it was delayed for an hour so they could play a rerun of "The FBI" (and just a note: Chevy Chase left after a few shows during the second season). If memory serves correctly, SNL was followed by "Starlight Theatre," which was a movie slot, THEN "Classic Cliffhangers." Like "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert," it came on whenever the movies ended, so if you didn't care for the movie, you had to keep flipping back to see if the show had started yet. I really think the show would have had a bigger following if it had come on at a precise time.

I also remember that Channel 8 countered SNL with classic films for awhile - that's when I first saw "Citizen Kane."

Ironically, Channel 2 really got radical for awhile when "Starlight Theatre: started going all night; "Twisted Brain," "Plan 9 From Outer Space," and every other B-Movie ran all night on the station. That period seemed to come to an end when Channel 2 took off David Letterman and replaced him with Alan Thicke's "Thicke of the Night," which tanked. After Thicke was canceled Channel 2 experimented with going off the air at midnight, rather than show Letterman, except on Fridays when they showed "Kung Fu Theatre" (we are up to the early 1980s here folks). I remember the petitions to bring Letterman back on the air that were circulated at TU when I was a student there (1980-1984).

I also remember that Channel 2 threatened to take SNL off the air in 1981(?) when the cast was revamped and the now-forgotten Charles Rocket used the "F-word" on the last show of the season. At that point (pre-Eddie Murphy) no one really cared whether they took it off or not. Jack Morris did a commentary on it on the news, and for once I prety much agreed with the decision; Rocket's comment had more to do with immaturity than satire, which was the major problem with SNL at the time. Eventually Sherman Oaks started the "Creature Feature/Groovie Movie" on 23 and all was right in Tulsa for a couple of years.

Then I got my first writing job and never got to watch telelvision again.

Time: May 31 2003 at 12:01:15
Name: David Bagsby
Location: Lawrence KS
Comments: Classic Cliffhangers was indeed hosted by Mr. Hardt. Just rented "Okie Noodling" last night. A documentary (sp?) about hand fishing for 40#+ catfish in Oklahoma. Music by fellow Okies 'the Flaming Lips'. Makes you want to roll up your sleeves and chance getting bit by snakes and beavers.

Time: May 31 2003 at 11:56:57
Name: Webmaster
Location: Hog heaven
Comments: Frank Morrow, Jim Ruddle and Bill Bowers have previously mentioned "Frank's Pig Stand" at 15th and Boston. Pig Stands are still around in Texas; here's an article about them. The first Pig Stand opened in Dallas, 1921; it was America's first drive-in restaurant.

I found this menu on eBay today. Bidding is open until June 5...you can still be the wiener!

Let's say the "Pig Stands" Creed:

Purity of Food
Interest in Work and Customer
Guard Our Company's Reputation

Sincerity of Purpose
Think as We Work
Ability...Use It
Nicety of Manners
Determination to Succeed
Smiling Service

Frank's Pig Stand

"America's Motor Lunch"
(1437 So. Boston Ave.)


Barbecued Pig sandwich: 15¢
...that's cheap pig!

Frank's Pig Stand
Frank's Pig Stand, courtesy of the Beryl Ford Collection/Rotary Club of Tulsa

Time: May 30 2003 at 18:29:47
Name: David Bagsby
Location: Lawrence KS
Comments: I can't swear to this, but wasn't the show that replaced Mazeppa called "Classic Cliffhangers"? They played Buck Rogers and some other serials.

Wasn't that hosted by Josef Hardt on Channel 2?

Lafayette 1965 catalogTime: May 30 2003 at 17:20:16
Name: Chuck Fullhart
Location: Trying to hook my 23 channel Lafayette CB up to the Channel 6 tower

Speaking of things going and gone, Burgess Hardware, on SW Blvd., has two weeks to sell what they can, and then they lose their lease, and have to move elsewhere.

Burgess has not been there as long as Swinney's has been in Whittier Square, but if you really need something, and nobody else has it, one of the two of them will have it. I think Burgress has something like 40 years or so in the same location, while Swinney's goes back a little further, or a lot further depending on which end you are looking from.

But Burgess Hardware for those of us that like things that beep and carry things on our belt that make noise and that you can fix things with, is the sort of place where you can meet people who understand what you are talking about and will help you find it when you ask for the 3/8 left handed back threaded heat treated disyllinoid backthrasher that comes with the heated component that will only click twice when you hook it up to 120 v. or 6 v., depending on what you are working on.

And they would usually have two of them, made in the USA, and at a fairly decent price, with three of the older model on the back shelves in the upstairs area, if that one didn't fit the model you were looking for.

They are going to try and find a smaller place in West Tulsa, but it's kind of sad to see something like an old friendly place like that have to move.

Time: May 30 2003 at 16:46:41
Name: Wilhelm Murg
Location: Banging on the doors of KTEW's perception
Comments: Actually, I did an interview with Rachelle Reneé of KJRH's "The World's Worst Movies" late last year in Outline Magazine, but I guess we never got it to Mike. Sorry about that (I'll look it up).

While Mazeppa and Woodward were on Channel 6 and Mr. Zing, Uncle Zeb, and eventually Mazeppa (again) were on Channel 8, the major contribution to Tulsa pop culture on Channel 2 during the same period was by Josef Hardt, of "Fantastic Theater," the Saturday Night Serials, Oktoberfest, and (Christopher Lewis's) "Blood Cult" fame (and I think "Fantastic Theater" came before all of the above except for Lee). I've tried to talk to Mr. Hardt to get his take on Tulsa television (but without success).

When "Infinity Press" was around we actually wanted to strike a balance between all three stations. We started with the Mazeppa piece (Channels 6 & 8) because Mr. Sartain designed the Mayfest poster that year (2001) and then we continued with Uncle Zeb (Channel 8 & cable) and Lee & Lionel (Channel 6). Following up with a piece on "Fantastic Theater" was planned, but obviously never happened. We could have a very nice Channel 2 page if Mr. Hardt would grant an interview. With hope, that will happen sometime in the near future.

Time: May 30 2003 at 12:39:23
Name: Erick
Location: Tulsa
Comments: I remember "The Weekend Show". It was a good show, but was too brief.

I grew up watching Dan Threlkeld when I lived in OKC, and I'm glad he finally has a chance to shine as a chief meteorologist. Unfortuantely, they don't have near the quality of equipment as 6 or 8 to this point. They are improving, though.

I believe Keith Isbell works for Broken Arrow Schools (?) in some capacity.

The co-anchor on the morning news with John Hudson was Gillian Kirk. She has since married, so her last name has changed. She works for a station in east Texas now.

Time: May 30 2003 at 12:32:11
Name: Art Van De Lay
Location: Broken Arrow
Comments: One question - Who is Leon Russell? I have never heard of him? What hits did he have, and was he part of a band?

Here is a good bio of Leon on his site.

Time: May 30 2003 at 10:52:13
Name: Deric Davis
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Comments: Does anybody remember The Weekend Show on Channel 2? I think that is what it was called. Maybe 4 - 5 years ago on 2, Saturday night at 6:30, they had a local news show highlighting Local Entertainment in a light and entertaining Tulsa forum that was done very well. It was not cheesy or corny. I guess it did not get better ratings than syndicated shows, so it only lasted a bit. The guy hosting was a reporter, Jonathon ??? Dillon maybe. He left as well. I miss that show.

Time: May 30 2003 at 10:50:37
Name: Greg
Location: Busey World
Comments: Erick: If you look in the Busey Links page, you'll find a link to the Teddy Jack Eddy page at mazeppa.com I believe. But, yep, that's it. I (the webmaster, who found this site using my tracking software) am only 22 years old, so I pretty much missed the whole Mazeppa phenomenon (as well as "The Buddy Holly Story"). But hey, I did my best with my limited knowledge.

Time: May 30 2003 at 10:49:28
Name: Deric Davis
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Comments: I apologize for this rambling group of thoughts... I am confused as to why this site is mostly The KTUL Tulsa TV Memories... any and all video is from KTUL. 8's the place was a great campaign. I remember it well, and I was very young. BTW: Last year, I was "backstage" at Saint John's, and there is still an "8's The Place" logo sticker on one of the operating room doors. Anyway - I posted an old KJRH clip and it wasn't added. Is KVOO/KTEW/KJRH not as interesting to the readers?

I am a die hard KJRH fan. I never watch anything else if I can help it. I got hooked in 1984 on a stormy Sunday morning in May, I think. The atmosphere felt ominous, more so than I have ever experienced since. Even as a nine year old, I knew that it was to be a tornadic day. I spent the day watching Planet Of The Apes on channel 2, "NewsCenter2", and was mesmerized by Gary Shore's warnings and weather interruptions as Prue and Mannford were hit by the tornados.

Mannford tornado of April 29, 1984, courtesy of Erick Church
4/29/1984 Mannford tornado, courtesy of Erick Church

Since then, as an avid amateur weather fan, I have always felt that 6 and 8's weather was lackluster compared to 2, although I do appreciate the Team of Dick Faurot & Jim Giles on 6, Channel 2's weather has always seemed to be a step ahead through the Gary Shore and Jeff Lazalier years. Some people have doubts about Dan Threlkeld, but I like him. He came from the same family of meteorologists that KJRH has enjoyed in the past of Gary Shore, Jeff Lazalier, Mike Morgan... etc. Now they are installing a new radar which is sure to be an amazing piece of technology to add to their tradition of good meteorology. Does anybody remember Bruce Dunbar, he came onto 2 in the eighties for a new 5:00 newscast, I think. Keith Isbell? Dierdre Davis? I remember when she left she told the Tulsa World that since she was married, and her husband was a corporate executive, they were moving to NY, because there were no corporations here. Remember Todd Whitthorne? Jay Rickerts? Who was the female morning cohost with John Hudson when he passed away? I would love to see a graphic of that fat rounded 2 from the eighties... After being such a fan, I will have to admit, I am not a fan of the "2 Works For You" business....

Re the disparity in KTUL video vs. other stations, it is strictly a question of availability. What I have to post is from KTUL and KOTV; I don't have any KVOO/KTEW/KJRH video available to me (other than the 1999 clip about Tulsa TV and this site, which itself included no Channel 2 video, only Channels 8 and 6).

Re the URL you posted for the KJRH "Hello Tulsa" clip in the previous Guestbook...it is not considered appropriate among webmasters to grab clips from other sites or link directly to them (the latter is termed "bandwidth theft", which I unthinkingly committed by converting the URL text to a link). I have amended the link to send readers to the page at The '80s TV Theme SuperSite containing the clip; that is definitely OK. I have also added that link to the top of the Channel 2 page.

Of course, this site is not strictly about actual video clips; if it were, it could be done on one page rather than hundreds.

Time: May 30 2003 at 08:18:49
Name: Erick
Location: Tulsa
Comments: To further the Gary Busey site discussion, it seems that particular site has no mention of his Mazeppa days! It goes from him being born straight to the Buddy Holly Story.

Time: May 30 2003 at 01:36:05
Name: Don Norton
Location: Tulsa, Once and Again
Comments: Just a bit of a clarification for Frank Morrow's good note about post WWII ice hockey in Tulsa: the team was known as the Tulsa ICE Oilers--since the Texas League baseball team had adopted "Oilers" many years previously. The Oilers became Drillers later on, so the icy sextet was then free to drop the "Ice."

The Tulsa Ice Oilers played in Sam Avey's downtown Coliseum until it caught fire years ago. Mack Creager did a lot of broadcasting from that venue on KAKC-FM, I believe.

Time: May 29 2003 at 20:29:53
Name: Deric Davis
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Comments: Yeah, I spoke too soon... When I found the site looking for info on his new reality show, I didn't think anyone would have a detailed Gary / Jake Busey site, except for the Buseys themselves. I am looking forward to this reality show... His insanity may be the reason he is a good actor...

Time: May 29 2003 at 17:29:49
Name: Emily Webb
Location: In my home "office."
Comments: I discovered that KTUL's Good Morning Oklahoma (GMO) show has a fan club Yahoo! Group. I'm not quite sure who is running it, but here's a link:


Time: May 29 2003 at 14:43:05
Name: Frank Morrow
Location: Austin. TX
Comments: The Tulsa Oilers was the first professional hockey team south of the Mason-Dixon Line. I saw the Oilers mainly after the war (that's WWII, for you youngsters) when goalies played without masks and there were no curved sticks.

Bud LaMarche and Freckles Little were brave men to play their position with no facial protection. A big defensive enforcer was Nick Knott; a superb, stick-handling "scatback," Clair Dillon, ran the show; and Gus Mortson was a big goal scorer.

I sometimes would take the bus downtown at night to the games, but only after the start of the third period, when you could get in free. It was usually difficult to find a good seat.

One evening a friend of mine and I found empty seats on the front row to the side of the rink and nearly parallel to the goal. The protective fence was only about three feet above the floor and about five feet above the playing surface. As the action got heavy in front of the goal, I heard a loud "Frump!" sound just below me as I hung over the rail. I looked down and saw the black smudge and imprint of where a puck had hit the fence just about a foot directly in front and below me. A foot or two higher and I would have been beheaded. I never sat there again.

Time: May 29 2003 at 14:29:15
Name: Erick
Location: Tulsa
Comments: Not to stare in the face of good humor, but the Jake and Gary Busey website listed below is obviously not official. It just seems to be a form of making fun of Gary's zany (and sometimes disturbing) behavior.

It is funny though, and worth a visit.

Time: May 29 2003 at 13:01:18
Name: Mike Miller
Location: Vienna, VA
Comments: Bob Hope’s birthday specials brought back a few memories of my early days in Tulsa radio. When I started at KTUL Radio in 1959, I spent much time covering the courthouse. However, I also found myself interviewing a number of celebrities. Among the first was television comedian George Gobel who had alcohol on his breath at nine in the morning. Movie character actor Chill Wills was also among my early interviews. Wills, whose trademark was to call everyone “cousin”, appeared in numerous John Wayne westerns. I was so nervous, I concluded the interview by saying: “Thank you Mr. Chills.”

I had a similar nervous breakdown during an exclusive radio interview with Hope, one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Someone tipped me he was staying at the Mayo Hotel. I called his room from the lobby and a sleepy Hope asked me to call back in half an hour. I did and again woke him. A third call and the still slumbering Hope said, "You’re not going to give up are you? Come up, but don't tell anyone I'm here." After interviewing the famed comedian, I checked my tape recorder and to my horror, discovered the fifteen-minute conversation did not record. Hope graciously offered to redo the whole thing, saving my rear.

Thanks for the memory, Bob!

Time: May 29 2003 at 12:55:09
Name: Deric Davis
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Comments: http://www.buseyworld.com/

This is Gary & Jake Busey's official site.

You should check this site out... hilarious, especially the comparison between Nick Nolte & Gary Busey.

Time: May 29 2003 at 02:46:32
Name: Don Norton
Location: Tulsa, Once and Again
Comments: Like many of you I have been watching and enjoying the biographical specials produced for Bob Hope's 100th birthday Thursday. All of them make it clear he was very, very determined from the first to be a success.

This reminded me of the undistinguished (and sustaining) radio programs the networks fed their affiliates on Sunday mornings to help them fill time in the late 1930s and early 1940s. One I remember was called "I am an American" and involved the Immigration Commissioner interviewing some foreign-born resident who had achieved success in the U.S. One Sunday I tuned in to KVOO (an NBC prime affiliate then) and found the guest was Bob Hope--who promptly broke up the commissioner with his trademark rapid-fire joke approach. What made me remember this was the network's policy then of nothing but "LIVE" shows--no recordings of any kind even if the program failed and the net had to fill with a piano interlude (not entirely unknown)! Bob was then appearing on Broadway so he obviously had to give up some Sunday morning sleep to do the show.

The Big Broadcast of 1938The Seven Little Foys And that reminds me that a little-known but determined Phyllis Diller, booked in some little Tulsa club back in 1960 actually got up to be on Bob Mills' "Sun-UP" show on KOTV at 7 a.m.!

Bob Hope's determination also showed when he matched, step for step, Jimmy Cagney's dancing in "The Seven Little Foys."

Happy Birthday, Bob--and "Thanks (a Million) for the Memories!" (And just because the candles now cost more than the cake doesn't mean you're getting old!)

Time: May 28 2003 at 22:37:22
Name: Wynn Lelarde
Location: Denver
Comments: What a wonderful web site. Lived in Tulsa most of my life until 1980 when I retired to live in the mountain country.

Thank you so much for the memories of everything T town.

One question...

We used to listen to Johnny Martin talk about the movies at the Boman Twin and other movie theaters.

If memory serves were they the "family theaters" or some such? He didn't play a commercial but talked about each movie and you could almost smell the popcorn when he was done. And, he was the only radio channel you heard on car radios parked late nights on "look out mountain" if you know what I mean;)

Also, Zingo was our favorite ride at Bells. Anyone remember those "I rode ZINGO" stickers??

Anybody remember the Tulsa Oilers hockey team? Now that was a good time downtown in the old days.

Tip of the hat - excellent web site.

Zingo bumpersticker, courtesy of Billy Spradlin

Time: May 28 2003 at 21:14:28
Name: David Bagsby
Location: Lawrence KS
Comments: The new Gary Busey show on Comedy Central starts on June 17.

Time: May 28 2003 at 20:31:35
Name: Wade
Location: T-town
Comments: I remember that back in the early 1980's, the Williams Center Cinema sponsored a two or three day film festival. Does anyone else remember this, and/or does anyone remember what was shown there?

Time: May 28 2003 at 20:04:23
Name: David Bagsby
Location: Lawrence KS
Comments: Just saw a promo on Comedy Central for a new show called "I'm with Busey". I only caught the end of it so I couldn't tell if it was Gary or his kid. They look alike to me.

Both Buseys on UPN's 'Shasta McNasty' series

Time: May 28 2003 at 18:55:10
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: I ain't Untouchable
Comments: Robert Stack died at 84 last week - talk about a long career. THE UNTOUCHABLES was a gamble by Desilu Productions - till that time all they had done was comedies. As I recall it ran once as a "special movie" then the series popped up. Stack was an interesting character - supposedly grew up in a well-connected family and spoke English, German, Italian.

If some of you remember 20-30 years ago he was in NRA magazine ads - he WAS a national champion target shooter in his later years - think with shotgun and clay pidgeons not with a Tommy gun...and as previously mentioned here - in John Ford's "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" - he and Ken Curtis ("Whirlybirds" but the definitive FESTUS HAGEN in "Gunsmoke") were part of the serenading choraleers in the movie. Either Matt Bunyan or Doug Dodd and I saw that when running the movie at KTUL and about laughed ourselves to death.

I believe that Stack also a lot of v.o. work on documentaries post-Untouchables but that role kinda typecast him till UNSOLVED MYSTERIES. Somebody said that no one remembers 5 or 6 good movies that he was a supporting actor in - prior to THE UNTOUCHABLES....

And don't forget his comic turn in "Airplane!"

Time: May 28 2003 at 18:46:23
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Doin' the Continental
Comments: I saw "Alice's Restaurant" in a smoke-filled Continental in Tulsey when it came out - smoke from you know what in the theatre. It WAS a good house to see movies in but I had never been in a theatre with no middle of the house aisle.

I think I mentioned it before here - but I believe the Southroads Cinema - had the special smoking lounge section - something theatres tried in the 70's - a separate smokers section with extra ventilation.

In the 7 years I lived in OKC - went to the Continental there about 5 times - mostly for second run or foreign films then the Will Rogers in OKC became THE foreign film house.

I borrowed "Alice's Restaurant" from the library and watched it for the first time recently. The vignette portrayed in the song "Alice's Restaurant" is duly enacted, but it is a real movie with a dark side to it, not the hippy-dippy mess I was expecting.

Time: May 28 2003 at 18:39:59
Name: Jimmy Leake Jr. (Uh huh)
Location: Muskogee
Comments: George Sisco..didn't he try to organize IATSE at Channel 8 back in the mid 70s? My daddy won that one good.

Time: May 28 2003 at 16:34:35
Name: Randy Jones
Location: Atlanta, GA
Comments: I was so glad to see the page about Ma-Hu Mansion! I grew up in Tulsa during the '70s and lived in a neighborhood S.W. of the Ma-Hu property. As a kid, my friends and I often played in and around the old house. I remember it being a rite of passage to simply walk through the basement and coming out alive! I was saddened to hear about its eventual demise but glad to have been around during that era and having great memories of the big old house that once sat up on the hill on Memorial Drive.

Time: May 27 2003 at 11:08:31
Name: Charles
Location: Forum Twin Theater
Comments: I will add myself to the list of people who remember seeing 2001 at the Continental. I would guess that I saw it there in the early 1970's. I went with a true sci-fi fan that took a few pictures of the movie with his small "spy camera". I still have some of those somewhere.

It was interesting to see the name of George Sisco in the guestbook. I worked at the Forum Twin and the Fontana 4 during the mid to late 1970's and remember many of the union projectionists......they were an interesting group. In fact as a tie-in to the Circle Theater talk, somewhere I have a section of the old screen from the Circle that one of the projectionists gave me.

Time: May 27 2003 at 09:11:08
Name: Erick
Location: Tulsa
Comments: I vaguely remember seeing a movie at the Continental in OKC as a wee lad, but those memories are scant.

The Fox Theater at 51st and Harvard is now a discount department store.

Time: May 27 2003 at 06:43:39
Name: Webmaster
Location: Tulsa
Comments: The Continental Theatre was discussed in depth in the last Guestbook. Lee Woodward was the emcee at the opening back in the 60s.

A query (with photos) about the Oklahoma Cowboy Band was put into play. The "Chocolate Cowboy", a Tulsa area musical entertainer in the 60s, was remembered. The Tulsa TV Icons were honored at the Tulsa Press Club, and we saw photos of that event. We also saw a photo of Eddie and the Ecclectics from David Bagsby, a member of that late 70s-early 80s stage group.

We saw a 2003 photo of Kazuo Gomi in Tokyo; he was an intern at KOTV in the mid-1950s! Jim Ruddle's daughter is also seen in this picture.

These are some of the exciting contents of Guestbook 132.

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