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CNN, 2/1/2007 - Gore earns Nobel nomination for global warming work

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Our president has indicated in the media that he'll not be seeing "An Inconvenient Truth," the new documentary, slide-show, feature film which has former Vice President Al Gore giving us a lecture about the authenticity and likely effects of global warming.

Although Mr. Bush has chosen not to see the film, I'm strongly suggesting that both of my daughters, one in her thirties, the other a teenager, put "An Inconvenient Truth" on their must-see list. It is, after all, rated PG; just the kind of movie a father feels comfortable about his kids seeing.

The reason I want them to see it is so they'll be better equipped to insure a better way of life for themselves in middle and old age after their silly dad has "left the building." It's my guess that both will likely feel the same way about any children who might come along in their lives. I don't know, it's just something that seems to be in most people's bones.

Al Gore with scientists

Al Gore and scientists

Al Gore has likely found a more important niche in history than being a senator or vice president, or even that other office that slipped through his grasp in 2000. It may turn out that his claim to real fame is much more significant than being the leader of the free world, but rather the man who really began the earnest campaign to save, not only the free world, but the rest of it, as well.

Hyperbole is not what this film is, although its critics---and I don't mean film critics---are quickly attempting to spin it as overstatement, or something that, if taken to heart, would surely cause problems for the world economy. To rewind that spin in rapid fashion: a world economy is not something that can be sustained if there isn't a world in which to sustain one, it seems to me. But heck, I could be wrong.

Although it's been rumored that people other than those who live in Green Country read this web site, I want to acknowledge that the senior senator from the Great State of Oklahoma, James M. Inhofe (who also figures in Mike Miller's new book), is seen briefly in the movie, but nowhere is there a frame of Senator Clinton or her husband. And Arkansas is so close.

Al Gore

Al lays global warming all out with graphs and charts and other visuals in a very non-didactic manner. That's saying a lot since "An Inconvenient Truth" shows, most of the time, a room full of people sitting and being lectured to by a man who appears to be quite passionate about his subject. And although there are many Al Gore jokes out there for us to tell and laugh at, the former vice president has come to this film not to make us laugh, but give us pause, then hopefully, cause...cause for action.

So, it really is a political movie, despite the buzz and the publicity gurus saying it isn't. It seems to me that trying to effectively reduce global warming will take a lot of power and persuasion. And that doesn't take political will?

Toward the end of the film, Al Gore says that, "political will is a renewable resource." That's a pretty political line. And such discussion surely brings to mind whether Mr. Gore will try a run for the presidency again in 2008. He says he won't. But, maybe he will. However, the issue at hand, and the one to focus on, is the message of this documentary: It's us, the cognitive beings who inhabit this planet, who will make the difference as to how serious things will or won't get because of the warm-up in that thin, yet vital layer of our sky on which Earth Life depends.

So, as inconvenient as it might be for families today, take, don't send your children (whatever their age) to see "An Inconvenient Truth." You'll all deserve an Oscar for common sense.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bush may wish to see another film just opening that might be more to his liking. It's one with very laid back, unpretentious folks who enjoy cracking jokes and singing simple, old-fashioned songs. Maybe Mr. Bush will instruct his two daughters to see "An Inconvenient Truth" in his stead.

Oh, yes. Please find my review for the movie, "A Prairie Home Companion" with Garrison Keillor, located elsewhere in the cyberspace of this web site.

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